Anise Seed: Chhoti Sounf in Hindi

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The plant is a perennial herbal plant that grows to a height maximum 2 feet. The seeds are curved shaped. Test like sweet and aromatic and feature a unique liquorice flavor. Anise with light greenish brown color and have fine stripes all over the outer surface.

Anise oil used as relieves spasm of involuntary muscle (antispasmodic), antiseptic, calm sleep (sedative), digestive and stimulant properties. Anise seeds low respiratory distress. Anise Seeds promotes the secretion of sputum (mixture of saliva and mucus cough) by the air passages, used especially to treat coughs. Likewise, Anise oil really helps to soften cough within the lungs and throat. Additionally it is valuable in management of common cold, Asthma, bronchitis, influenza. It is good for digestion system, Anise lesser the amount of gas production and makes you sleep soundly. 

How to Consume:

As mention above that Anise seeds are good for digestion just we need to consume ½ tsp Anise seeds with ½ tsp sugar candy (Mishri in Hindi) after every meal daily or as per the need. As per the saying need not consume excess amount of anything because excess of anything is not good for your health.

We can consume raw Anise seeds powder with worm water when phasing a problem of spasm may feel relief within few minutes. For digestion, consume butter- milk one time in a day with ¼ tsp Anise powder, salt as per the test, and ¼ tsp cumin powder and your healthy drink is ready enjoy with ice.

How To Store:

Store whole seeds in airtight containers in a cool and dry place up to one or two Months. Roasted and powdered Anise seeds up to six months can store.

Other Names for Anise seeds:

Chhoti Saunf, Sombu, Variyali, Sounf

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