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Hey There! I have 16 years of work experience in different industries like Manufacturing, Education/ Training. I worked for Administration / Management and Sales / Marketing. Well, my passion is to capture simple and present beautifully as much as I can, that can be Photo, Food or Life. Nature has gifted us many good things which we just overlook, simply never think about it till we don’t find the importance of it, like our parents. Yes! We use to take them lightly but we understand their importance in our lives when they become old. While taking care of them, I got to know that, I learn many things about my parent’s physical needs and the god gifted nature as our daily meal and spices. Human physical needs and god gifted nature are a compliment to each other. Now I am learning about our daily nutrition from different ways and sharing the same to all get benefited as I am now. How? That you can find on my web site.

Navaratri Special – Part 2

Happy Navaratri to all. As you know, the Navarati festival is going on, and everyone is now celebrating this festival in their way. I am celebrating this by sharing my all-time favorite recipes. Today, I am going to share one bowl Smoothie for Navaratri health drink. So, let’s […]

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Navaratri Special

Happy Navaratri to all. In my previous Navaratri/ Navratri Special blog, I mentioned that Navaratri is a transition period of two seasons. In these two weather transition time lot of people becomes to seek, and that is why we need to balance our diet to control our health […]

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Club Sandwich

Hi All, Today, I am going to share one recipe that is very special for me. Why this is so special for me, I will let you know at the end of the blog. So, without late, let’s start with the recipe. Ingredients: Green Peas: 1/4 cup Tomato: […]

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Patharchatta Herbs Health Benefits

Patharchatta is a medicinal herb, is available all over India. Patharchatta plant grows in height is a maximum of three to four feet, and its leaves are little thickened than other plants. Patharchatta planta has hollow stems with red and green colors and can also grow with the […]

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Bhumi Amla Herb Benefits

Bhui Amla is often grown like a weed in humid places. All places in India Bhumi amla is available. Bhumi / Bhui / Bhoomi Amla herb is astringent and sweet. Bhumi Amla is useful in the problem of excessive thirst, cough, itching, phlegm, and fever, etc. Bhui Amla […]

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Favorite Dip’s Part -2

Hi all, how is your weekend? As I promised in my immediate blog, I bring some more Dip’s recipes for you all. So, today we are going to do a lot, do not wait and start the recipe.  First, we will use tahini ad Dip it very simple […]

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Favorite Dip's

Favorite Dip’s

Today, we are going to make some of my favorite dips. Yes! My all dips will be vegetarian. You can try without any hesitation. So, let’s start. First, we will prepare one ingredient Aquafaba. This Aquafaba is a must for all the dips. Aquafaba is a liquid left […]

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Apple : Safarchand in Hindi

Today, we will know about apples. most of the people have learned in English ” an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But ever think why is this famous? I will let you know because apple is a handy fruit, which you can have any time anywhere. […]

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Today, we are going to discuss Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Vitamin B12 is a highly essential part of our daily life. We must consume Vitamin B12 daily. Why? What if we are lacking Vitamin B12? How to know that we are having a deficiency of Vitamin B12?  No issues, […]

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