White Turmeric: Aama Haldi In Hindi

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Today we are going to tell you about #white turmeric, which is a medicine of many diseases! Yes, by the way, everyone knows about turmeric. And yet we know about yellow turmeric but today we will discuss about turmeric which you may have heard the name # Aama Haldi. Aama haldi! Yes, with the name we can understand that taste like aama means like mango. That’s why we called White turmeric also mango turmeric. This turmeric is different than yellow turmeric. This is the root of the plant called curcuma zedoaria and is found mostly in India and Indonesia. In India Aama haldi rhizomes are available in January month but dry powder is available whole year.

Yes, white turmeric not used as spices, white turmeric benefits like yellow turmeric. Mango turmeric trees are also similar to yellow turmeric. The difference between the two is that the leaves of the mango turmeric are long and pointed and the mango turmeric rhizome are large and inside red colored some time it is white also, but the ordinary yellow turmeric rhizomes are small and yellow.

White or mango turmeric is used in cold, gall bladder, flatulence, indigestion, low appetite, kidney stones problems. It can almost remove urine blockage. Because it is sweet, it is used in making chutney, pickle etc. or you can eat it as salad and preserved with salt.

If you have a gas problem then it is very beneficial for you, after consuming white turmeric you can get relief very fast with stomach gas problem. Daily intake of white turmeric can help to solve the problem of indigestion, cramps, loss of appetite, worms in the stomach, flatulence, irregular bowel movements and diseases like ulcer are also cured. The rhizome of the white turmeric is considered to be effective in eliminating acidity in the stomach. That’s why it prevents stomach ulcers from occurring. Due to anti-inflammatory properties in white turmeric, it helps in treating skin diseases, swelling and healing wound.

White turmeric is also beneficial for people with type 1 diabetic’s problem. White turmeric (aama haldi) is analgesic medicine, which is applied or used in pain. However, the effect of analgesic depends on how much dose you have consumed.

How to consume:

Grind both turmeric and asafoetida by adding a little water and make the tablet and add it under the sore teeth and keep it for some time. This will cure the toothache. Even you can try white turmeric use for bleeding gum problem, you just need to chew some pieces of row rhizome daily one sort wise as per the gum problem.

Consuming daily white turmeric as #salad, chatny (souses), #pickle will reduce body’s blood sugar level.

turmeric pickle .jpg

Turmeric Pickle

White turmeric has quality to cure any type of infection as if a person is having a fever and then make him to have some of slices (5 or 6) of white turmeric as salad with salt; soon his fever will come down. To preserve this we can make kind of #turmeric pickle with lemon and salt. This will increase taste in taste buds.

White #turmeric water is good for total health because it has good anti-inflammatory properties, to make turmeric water take ½ tsp of turmeric powder mix in a glass of water and rest it for whole night. At morning filter turmeric water and mix ½ lemon juices, 1tsp of honey. Consume turmeric water empty stomach, can improve your total health and stamina.

White turmeric (aama turmeric) is analgesic medicine, which is applied or used in pain. To apply we can make one #poultice with the help of turmeric and calcium carbonate (in Hindi – Khane ka chuna). Mix both ingredients in equal quantity and cook with water till become like pest and apply this warm pest on painful area or swelling area.  Be careful this poultice is used only for external injury.

#Kasturi Turmeric helps to improve your #skin complexion also combats the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and under eye bags.

skin complexion .jpg

Skin Complexion

  1. Prepare a smooth paste of the herb along with buttermilk and apply it to your skin focusing on the affected areas. Wash your skin with warm water and moisturize your skin to protect from dryness.
  2. Prepare a smooth paste of the herb along with lemon and honey then apply it to your skin. Wash skin with warm water and moisturize your skin with any suitable oil to protect from dryness .

How to Store:

If you want to Store turmeric than use dry airtight containers and store in a cool place for long time. Powdered turmeric likewise can put aside for long time in refrigerator with nice and strong essence and color.

Other Names:

White Turmeric, Aama Haldi, Amba Haldi, Aamba Hadi, Kasturi Turmeric, Wild Turmeric, Curcuma Amada, Mango Ginger, Curcuma Mangga Valeton, Van Zijp

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