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Safflower: Kusum a Flower Herb

Safflower is a plant which flowers and seed oil also used as medicine. Safflower is opposite to saffron, has an aroma that is very rich, but more suggestive of a sweet, chocolaty, tobacco. Another difference is that, unlike saffron, the taste is much weaker than the smell and […]

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Dry Coconut: Naariyal in Hindi

  Hey Friends! In my last article, I promise you all that we will discuss coconut in two parts first is Tender coconut and the other one is Dry Coconut. As per my words in my article we discussed tender coconut, now the turn is for dry coconut. […]

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Turmeric: Haldi in Hindi

  Turmeric has been utilized in Asia for a large number of years and is a noteworthy piece of Ayurveda, Siddha medication, conventional Chinese prescription, and Unani. It was first utilized by human as a color and after that for medication because of turmeric’s stated properties. Despite the […]

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