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Aam Panna Mix

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Hey friends! it Summer; Today, I am going to tell you how to make summer drink Aam Panna Mix there are two ways to make it one is North Indian Aam Panna and other is South Indian Aam Panna. These are two different recipes which we will see today.

This Aam Panna Mix is 100% Natural, No Preservatives, Nutrient contents intact, Ready to use, Smart way to add nutrients to your diet. Sweet & tangy in taste Aam Panna is celebrated for its ability to counter heat. This drink is impressively effective for loss of salt and iron caused by excessive sweating. Aam Panna is a great way to enjoy this traditionally popular hassle free drink. Aam Panna is really tasty and effective  in summer drinks.

North Indian Pudina Aam Panna Mix: Green Mango Panna, Kairi ka Aapshola

A traditional Indian household drink with freshness of real mint and sourness of green mango’s. I am sure ones you serve your guest this drink they will ask you for more.


  • Table Salt 15 g or as per the taste,
  • Acidity Regulators (Citric acid) 2.5 g,
  • Cumin powder 7.5 g,
  • Dry Mint Leaves powder 30 g,
  • Black Salt 7.5 g,
  • Dry Ginger powder 5 g,
  • Black Pepper powder 2.5 g,
  • Chili powder [optional red or green (dry in shed, so color will be good)] 1 g totally optional if it is for kids not recommended to add,
  • Raw Mango Powder (dried is shed) 7.5 g,
  • Sugar each glass 15 g recommended or as per choice (sugar is not recommended to mix with the Pudina Aam Panna mix because many people don’t prefer sugar to eat they like to be sugar free)

Grind all ingredients well in grinder, except sugar. Make a fine powder and enjoy it. Take 6 g of Pudina Aam Panna powder, mix it in a glass of cold water (180ml) add sugar as per choice, stir well until it dissolves; now your drink is ready, if needed add some ice and enjoy your Pudina Aam Panna.

Shell Life: 6 Months

Quantity: 20 glasses

How to Store: store in an air tight container. Keep in cool and dry place.

South Indian Aam Panna Mix: Aam Panna Concentrate, Kairi che Panhe


  • Table Salt 1 tsp as per the taste,
  • Roasted or Steamed Raw Mango As per soreness of mango pulp 1 cup,
  • Sugar 2 Cup or as per choice,
  • Khus essence 5 to 6 drops or 4 to 5 cardamom powder just for flavor

First peel the roasted or steamed mango, take only mango’s pulp portion mix with all ingredients and grind all well in grinder. Make a smooth paste and enjoy it. Take 15 g of Aam Panna concentrate, mix it in a glass of cold water (180ml) stir well until it dissolves; now your drink is ready, if needed add some ice and enjoy your Aam Panha.

Shell Life: 3 Months in refrigerator

How to Store: store in an air tight container. Keep in cool and dry place.

You can make with fresh green mango’s or you can have aam panna mix powder with ice. It is good for sunstroke and dehydration condition in summer or you can also have these refreshing drink in summer just like that.

You can have aam panna in any way, that’s not matter, aam panna is aam panna there is no comparison, it can be north Indian or South Indian, both are so tasty and refreshing. So, its summer in India, I got my one where is yours. Just kidding, tell me which one you like it or any different spice mix you want to know, definitely I will try to post the next.

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