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Dry Mango Powder: Aamchoor / Aamchur in Hindi

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Amchoor or aamchur, also called as mango powder, aamchur is Indian spice prepared from raw and unripe mango’s, it is citrus flavor seasoning. Mostly used in off session. We can make aamchur powder at home which we will talk end of the article.

India is spice hub from ancient time. If you know the origin and flavor of the spice, then you can do best of the spice and your food to taste better. Most of the India knows aamchoor / amchoor powder / dry mango powder as fruity spice powder. It is mostly used in Indian cuisine as a substitute of soreness (it can be used for lemon, tomato, citric acid etc…) in off session. It gives good color and taste to the food with lot of nutrition’s. Like Aamchoor is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has vitamin A, E and C with antioxidants. These qualities make Aamchoor very important part of the food. In India, people use this in daily meal at list thrice a week.

This light brown spice is good for eyesight, it content vitamin A and Vitamin E which is good for eyesight, it protect your eye from cataracts also vitamin E is good for skin problems. It protects you from dry skin problem in summer days. Raw green mango pulp is also good for prickly heat, rashes and itchy skin, it can be applied in summer. Green mango can be used in raw or powdered form in summer to protect you from skin problems. Aamchuur is good in acne problem you can use aamchoor as body scrub this may improve your completion and leave your skin with clean – clear and soft texture. This scrub can be the best as blackhead remover.

Aamchoor is good for digestion system; it improves your bowel movement and helps combat constipation and flatulence. Aamchur have content antioxidants, which improve your digestive system. Aamchur remove toxic from your body and detoxifies your body, in ancient time it was used as home remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and urinary infections also aamchur content Vitamin D and B6 which improve your energy level help to cure soon from any diseases and improve Bone health also.

As we discuss above that it content antioxidant which boosting your metabolism and helps you to stay in shape. In short it is good for weight loss. Scurvy is a skin diseases which cured by vitamin C and A, combination of aamchur and jaggery is very impressive treatment for scurvy problem.

Note: There are exceptions also, some people have allergy with sour contents like mango, sour curd, lime, lemon, tomato, tamarind etc… those people must not consume Aamchoor otherwise body may feel joint pain, if someone have arthritis problem than they must avoid to consume, it may increase their problems.

How to Consume:

Aamchoor is mostly used in Indian Veg and Non-Veg dishes like curries and salads,it is very often added in Panjabi recipes like chole and rajma but do you know aamchoor can be used in smoothies and shakes as per your choice example if you are trying oats some salty smoothie than you can add aamchoor with pinch of Black pepper and cumin powder. It will be healthy and tasty.

Aamchoor powder used in aam panna also which recipe I have posted in my previous post. mango’s are good to firm your face, if you consume this with eggs. Because egg are rich in protein and mango’s are rich in vitamin C both combo supply improve your appearance of skin. If you want to give healthy boost for your health than daily in breakfast have some slices of mango with omelet these will give a nice boost of protein and vitamin c for whole day supply.

If you are not consuming eggs than you can add cottage cheese (paneer) in your mango shake or you can have some sprouts with mango shake in breakfast.

Aamchoor Recipe:

Take raw mango clean nicely with water make it slightly dry in air. Peel mango’s with peeler, grate with grater leave the hard portion of mango. Now spread the grated mango on any plastic plate, keep in sun light for three days or as per the requirement till become hard and make crisp noise. As soon as you bring it inside the home immediately grind to make fine powder, it otherwise it absorbs moisture from air and will become difficult to grind.

How to Store:

After making a fine mango powder, keep aamchoor powder in air tight container. These precautions can keep your aamchoor powder fresh for little longer than usual. Aamchoor can be store for a year.

Note: Do not keep grated mango in metal plate it can spoil your metal plate and can change the color of both.

 Other Names:

Aamchoor, Aamchur, Amchoor, Dry Mango Powder, Amchur, Mangoi podi, Mavinkai churu, Ambya cha chur, Aambya cha chur, Aambatpan, Serbuk Mango Kering, sukhi mang powder, sukano ama paudar, unanniya mangea peati, Ular mampala tul, amacura, acur

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