10 Teas For Raining Season

Hey, it’s raining season and many places already have heavy rains, like Mumbai, Nashik and many other places in India. So, I have decided to have a blog on different types of teas and help the people to cure there some small health problems which they’ll handle at home without going outside.

Drinking tea is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the anti-inflammatory and other health benefits of plants, herbs, and spices. Please have a look:

Green and Matcha Tea: Green tea is rich sources of the anti-inflammation. Which may reduce inflammation and symptoms associated with IBDs and other inflammation-driven chronic conditions.

Holy basil or Tulsi Tea: Tulsi may fight inflammation and reduce pain from gout, arthritis, or other inflammatory conditions.. You can combine with black pepper with it. It may also lower your cholesterol, blood sugar, and also blood pressure levels.

Turmeric Tea: Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, may relieve inflammation and pain when taken in large doses. Turmeric tea is good for cough/cold, fever, and any kind of body pain. It will be more effective when consumed with jaggery and nutmeg.

Ginger Tea: Ginger contains compounds that limit the production of pro-inflammatory substances in your body. It has benefits for blood sugar and cholesterol levels and can reduce arthritis-related pain and inflammation.

Rosehips Tea: Rosehips reduce pro-inflammatory chemicals. Rosehip powder reduces pain and other symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis and control blood pressure . Rosehips and rose petals are a good combination with some pomegranate seeds and cumin. Rose petals will increase your tea flavor and pomegranate will help you to reduce body pain and slightly feverish filling, if you feel after getting wet in the rain or after cold and cough. Cumin will help you to tackle raining season digestive problems. For sweetener you can add some honey will give a boost to your energy. To make tea add very hot water with all ingredients and let them steep for 6–8 minutes. Strain the drink to remove the solids and add honey if desired.

Fennel Tea: Fennel tea made from the licorice-flavored spice, may relieve pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Spice Mix Tea: Spice Mix tea be creative and combine different teas and other anti-inflammatory herbs, spices like cinnamon and cardamom, black pepper or even fruits like lemon or orange slices. Many of these ingredients work together to provide even more health benefits.

Cumin Tea: Cumin tea can help any indigestion problems. You can add black-pepper to make you feel hungry in this moist and sticky weather. These will make you feel warm and energetic.

Ajwain Tea: Ajwain tea can handle any of your digestive system-specific problems like blotting, lose motions any stomach infections, pain, etc… It can reduce until you get any medical help. This can also control acidity.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea: Cinnamon tea with honey, can handle any kind of cough, cold, sour throat and skin issues.

When brewing a fresh cup of tea, use loose leaves with a tea infuser rather than a tea bag if possible. The same study noted that when steeping tea, 5 minutes is long enough to extract 80–90% of its antioxidant content.

To brew the best cup of tea, use fresh ingredients and be careful about the quality, It’s rainy days, ingredients must be checked, ingredients quality must not be neglected or spoiled ones. Also, be aware that compounds in some teas may interact with your medications. So, be aware of it like, Cinnamon is one of the most important flavoring agents in food and drinks. Research reveals that coumarin is present, in substantial amounts in cinnamon-flavored foods. Coumarin is very toxic to the liver and causes severe damage to this organ. Before consuming think which tea suitable for you.

Note: Excess of anything is not good for the health. These teas for the primary medication  but you must consult with your doctor, if you are facing any kind of problem. Don’t be your own doctor.


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