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How to make Pepper Garlic Rasam?

Pepper Garlic Rasam / Pepper Rasam with Garlic 

Pepper Garlic Rasam / Pepper Rasam with Garlic Recipe with all details. Pepper Rasam is the healthiest rasam flavored with garlic. it served with rice. Yet, it can also be served as soup for common cold problems. Garlic and pepper can open your blocked nose and also relive headache problem. Pepper Garlic Rasam is one of the easiest, quickest and healthy rasam . We love this in heavy raining session, hot soupy and served with steamed rice.

This Pepper Garlic Rasam recipes goes very well with hot steamed rice and also with Gram lentils and curd chutney or any other side dish, like greens or curries as per your choice.

This rasam is good for throat infection or flu; you can have like soup because it has a lot of pepper and garlic which is good in cold and flu. So, let’s start to mix masala.

Pepper Garlic Rasam

Pepper Garlic Rasam



First soak tamarind in 1 cup of warm water, for 4-5 minutes, extract all the tamarind pulp. Next, take a deep pan to add 3 tsp of oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida, when mustard seeds start spluttering, add curry leaves and chopped garlic and fry for few seconds be careful garlic must not burn. Now add extracted tamarind pulp and chopped tomato. Now add turmeric powder, then boil it for 10 – 15 minutes in a low flame. Keep stir it. Now also add crushed pepper and add 2 ½ cups of water, coriander leaves, and salt. Mix well and boil for 10 min in medium flame. Now finely your pepper garlic Rasam is ready to serve with hot and steamed rice. Now enjoy your rain and winter season without any cold or flu.


  1. Do not over boil after adding pepper otherwise, the aroma of pepper will go off.
  2. Optional, add cooked and mashed toor dal (Toor lentils) to make rasam thick.
  3. If you like sweet and spicy garlic pepper rasam than add little jaggery into it.

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