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Aamda Pickle: Aamda Achar

Hi, friends today, I am going to share a very special pickle from mid of India. We use to call it Aamda Pickle (Aamda Achar). This fruit used to comes in the market in the raining season. This fruit looks like a raw mango but not a mango that’s why today I have this pickle recipe. This time I found in the market and I decided to share Aamda pickle our specialty So, let’s start collecting all ingredients but before we start clean all aamda and keep it aside to dry ones it is dry we will begin the recipe.

Aamda Pickle / Aamda Achar

Aamda Pickle / Aamda Achar

So, now Ingredients:

The recipe is so simple, take clean and proper dry aamda, cut in vertical half pieces and keep aside. Now mix all the powders and keep aside. Now preheat oil and make it cool, if you do this in any pickle your pickle will go for a long time. But remember oil should be cool before using for pickle otherwise you pickle color will be little darker like black and pickle may spoil because hot oil may create aamda moisture and which is not good for pickles life.

Now add Cooled down oil into all mix species with salt (as per the taste) then mix all chopped aamda into it and again mix it well. Now you can fill this in any clean and dry glass container. Now your pickle is ready to enjoy. Most of the people from Chhattisgarh, India used to have this pickle with hot rice.

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