Bhumi Amla Herb Benefits

Bhui Amla is often grown like a weed in humid places. All places in India Bhumi amla is available. Bhumi / Bhui / Bhoomi Amla herb is astringent and sweet. Bhumi Amla is useful in the problem of excessive thirst, cough, itching, phlegm, and fever, etc. Bhui Amla is also considered a divine medicine for liver diseases. It will also help to cure the wound and leprosy. Let’s know the benefits of the medicinal properties of Bhumi Amla. There are three species of ground gooseberry:

  • Phyllanthus urinariaLinn-
  • Phyllanthus maderaspatensis L 
  • Phyllanthus niruri L

Bhumi amla juice helps heal the wound. Grind the soft leaves of Bhui-Amla and apply it to the injury to heals quickly. Bhui Amla is very beneficial in respiratory diseases. Bhumi amla roots need to take with some other medicinal herbs to cure respiratory diseases. Grind the leaves of Bhui amla. Add salt into it and apply itching areas of the body to cure itching. 

Boil Bhumi Amal and make a decoction and rinse with this helps cure mouth blisters. It also provides relief from cough disease. Drinking small quantities of decoction can give relief from stomach ache. Make a decoction from the roots and leaves of Bhuai Amla. Take it when it is cool down. It is beneficial in ascites disease.

Bhumi Amla may help to cure Lump problems due to biliary disorders, lumps diseases caused by blood disorders. If Bhumi amla is dried in a shed and then make kwath with that will be helpful for the Ulcer. This kwath may help with liver-related diseases.

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If you consume Bhumi Amla with pipli, red sandal, and some other herbs will give you relief from a headache and fever. This mix may help you to cure Tuberculosis. Bhumi Amla, cumin, and sugar mix can help to cure the disease of urination. Mix Bhumi Amla juice with cows ghee. 

Consuming it provides relief in the problem of intermittent urination. Take Bhumi Amla and boil with water. Drinking it may help to prevent diarrhea. Bhumi Amla Powder is Beneficial in Menstrual Disorder. You can consume Bhumi Amla powder with rice water for two or three days.

Consuming Bhumi amla juice with cumin and sugar may help in gonorrhea diseases. Add black pepper powder to the powder of Bhumi Amla Panchang powder. Consuming this two or three times a day may help in diabetes. If you consume Bhumi amla with milk may help to get relief in Jaundice.

So, this is a very healthy herb to try but discuss with your physician. Next time when you go for a walk, do the keen observation you find this one. Bhumi amla, you may find only with the other grass. So, that’s it for the day till next blog, search in the grass. 🙂


  • Do not consume anything your own first discuss with your physician. 
  • Do not stop your medication without your physician’s suggestion. 

Other Names: 

Bhui Amla, Bhuri Amla, Hazarmani, Red Bhui and Amla, Stonebreaker, Leafflower, Chamberitter, Chupannakizhanelli (Chukannakizhanelli), Chakpa-heikru, Tali, Bhumyamalaki, Shiva, Tamalaki, Bahuphala, Polypatra, Bahuvriya, Bhudhatri, Kempukiranelli, Bhoen awali, Shivappunelli, Ettausirika, Bhui amla, Hazarmani, Bhui anwala, Kanthad, Bhui avali

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