Patharchatta Herbs Health Benefits

Patharchatta is a medicinal herb, is available all over India. Patharchatta plant grows in height is a maximum of three to four feet, and its leaves are little thickened than other plants. Patharchatta planta has hollow stems with red and green colors and can also grow with the leaves effortlessly developing roots on the edges of the leaves. Patharchatta plant helps to cure kidney problems. 

Patharchatta helps to throughout harmful detox from the body. There is a natural laxative property and can help with constipation problems. Patharchatta mitigated the three dosha problem. It works on the ulcer, bloating, cure wound, and detoxification of blood. Today we are going to know about Patharchatta benefits:

Kidney Stone: As per the name, it helps to break the kidney stone and cure Kidney stone problems. Patharchatta’s Sanskrit name is Pashanbheda, as per the name pashan means stone/rock, and bheda means breaking. Consume Patharchatta juice empty stomach in the morning and same evening also. 

Joint Pain: Patharchatta soothes any pain in muscles or joints. Apply mustard oil on the leaves and heat on the pan. Gently tie with a cotton cloth on the affected site. Patharchatta brings down the pain and also will help to reduce the swelling.

Wound healing: Patharchatta has astringent properties, so the leaves are beneficial for wound healing. Need to crush and apply on the injury, it gives you immediate relief from pain and swelling.

Digestion: our health is directly related to our gut health. If our digestion is working well, then our health also great. If we are not able to digest our food well, then we need to face problems like gas, bloating, stomach pain, heartburn, constipation, etc. Patharchatta maintains health as it balances the pitta dosha, reduces acidity, heartburn, and supports digestion. Consume five to ten-gram juice daily with warm water. Your gut health can improve and can find good health.

Hypertension:  Patharchatta can help to reduce Hypertension. Consume five to ten drops in a day two to three times.

Leukemia: Patharchatta is helpful to prevent from leukemia. Consume five to ten drops daily to prevent it.

Vaginal Infection:   Patharchatta may help to get relief from vaginal infection. Consume decoction of Patharchatta and consume with honey to get relief from vaginal infection.

Headache:  Patharchatta can give relief in headache. Paste it and apply it on the forehead to get relief from headache.

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This way Patharchatta, is useful in many diseases, people used to say that it uses for eye pain, but I don’t dare to apply it on the sides of the eyes because the eyes are so sensitive part of the body and we must not do trial our own. 

Note: If you want to try this all for any reason, then discuss it with your physician before you try. Take your medication as per your physician’s suggestion.

Other Names:

Bryophyllum pinnatum, Kalanchoe Pinnata, Air plant, Good luck leaf, Miracle leaf, Patharchattam, Patharchur, Paan-futti

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