Starchy Vegetables

Everyone consumes vegetables in different ways, but do you know there are two types of vegetables, Starchy-Vegetables, and Non- Starchy Vegetables. Every vegetable is full of nutrients. Most of the vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin K, folate, and magnesium. Some are rich in vitamin C and E etc. Many vegetables are full of Anti-Oxidants, which is a must for our body.

Now, the question is, What is Starchy Vegetable? The answer is Starchy vegetables are rich in carbs and calories, and others are rich in vitamins and minerals. If thinking about fiber, then both contain it. Fiber maintains bowel movement regular. Now, what are the starchy – vegetables? The name of a few is Butternut squash, beans, chickpeas, corn, parsnips, peas, lentils, sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, yam, etc. These vegetables are high in carbs and calories.

These types of vegetables are always in controversy should be eatable or not. Because of their high starch quality, they hide their nutrient quality. Starchy – Vegetables can consume with some moderation and limited quantity because of their high carbs and calorie quality.

Carbs: For diabetic people must limit carbs, or if you follow a low-carbs diet, then you must avoid or limit these starchy – vegetables. Starchy – vegetables may help to increase your sugar count in your diet because you consume carbs in rice, bread, and also cereals. So, add in your diet with moderation and limit quantity.

Calories: Starchy – vegetables are high in carbs that are the reason they are high in calories. These starchy vegetables are high in calories, so people take time to digest them. These calories are about 4 to 6 times rich than others. If you are trying to lose weight, then think about this vegetable’s cooking style and a portion of this vegetable on a plate.

Starchy – vegetables are better in some other matters like they are great in resistant starch and high in protein. 

Resistant starch is soluble starch that helps to break down good gut bacteria. These bacteria’s show a good effect on our body. These may protect our digestive system and reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight. In this category, you can add beans, peas, and corn.

The protein category is the best plant-based protein. This category is the best protein alternative for vegetarians and vegans meal. In this category, you can add lentils, chickpeas, and beans. Proteins make you full for a longer time, which will help you to maintain weight. Protein maintains muscle mass and strengthens them.

This way, you can find starchy – vegetables have some beneficial and non-beneficial impact on our body. Starchy – vegetables can be delicious and healthy if cooked healthily. Remember, starchy – vegetables are also equally super-food for our body, need to consume healthily. I hope you all like this blog.

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