"Mix Masala"

Noodles Masala

Hello, Friends today I am going to post  very delicious Noodles Masala recipe. It is very easy to make noodles masala mix at home, everything is in your home and you are daily using it. Just start collecting as per the list. We need some spices and condiments ingredients like as mention below:

½ tbs Onion, ½ tbs Garlic, 1 tbs coriander,1 tbs Cumin seeds, ½ tsp ginger powder, 1 tsp Chili, ½ tsp Aniseed (optional),  ¼ tsp Fenugreek, ½ tsp Black Pepper, ¼ tsp turmeric powder and ¼ tsp spice extracts powder this is also available in market.

Instant noodle powder [corn/ wheat or soy flour, refined oil, salt as per test and acidity regulators (citric acid), sugar, iodized salt, yeast extract powder], Anti-caking agent.

Want to add some vegetable like French bean, carrot, green peas, spring onion etc…as you like then you can add those fresh veggies or want to store this Masala Mix then make them dry in shed light, so all veggies color will be maintain and can be stored for long time. Veggies are optional but if you add veggies your noodles will be tasty and healthy.


If you want to store noodles masala for long time than roast it well, when it is raw. After getting normal temperature, Take all the ingredients except vegetable items in one mixing bowl, mix well. Now grind it well in grinder. Make a smooth powder. Now mix your all dry veggies and use it when you want.

yes! if some one don’t like onion or garlic they can definitely skip this two.

See it’s so simple; your Noodles Masala is ready to use, whenever you want to use it, no need to look for a shop. Now enjoy your hot and spicy noodles.

How to store:

Keep in a dry airtight container this way you can secure the flavor of spices. Whenever you open this  masala jar flavor will be like a new and fresh. You can use this Noodles Masala up-to six months.

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