Celery Seeds: Ajwain / Ajmoda in Hindi

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Celery belongs to the family Apiaceae which is commonly used as vegetable and seeds are used as spices. The celery plant height can go up to 50 to 100 Centimeters tall. It was cultivated as a medicinal plant thousands of years ago. Celeries are high in Vitamins’ A, B, C, Calcium and Magnesium. Celery seed benefits include helping regulate blood pressure, providing antiseptic properties, combating bacteria and infection, alleviating symptoms of arthritis, joint pain and gout, weight loss and potentially reducing pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Celery can be used as antioxidant content because of this nature it is very good for clean and clear skin and good for kidney problems also. Celery plant and Celery seeds may helpful for cleaning kidney stone and clearing water retention, because of it is good for detoxifying body.

How to Consume:

As Celery seeds are good for digestion just we need to consume ½ tsp Celery seeds after every meal daily or as per the need. We can consume Celery seeds row or roasted both way for roasted just take pinch of salt and turmeric with Celery seeds and roast it even with low flame, then it is ready to consume. You can have it as seeds or powder with worm water when phasing a problem of spasm may feel relief within few minutes, notable when you are carry out a pain combined with menstrual cramp.

For Loss of weight daily consume after every meal with worm water or you can consume it as herbal tea also but remember excess of anything is not good for health. Celery steaks can have as salad or juice form with carrot and beetroot it will work faster on saturated fatty areas But don’t take too much quantity for faster results otherwise next day may have accompany  with commode so be careful and enjoy celery in proportionate quantity  or as directed by your dietitian and be healthy.

How To Store:

Store whole seeds in airtight containers in a cool and dry place up to one or two months. Roasted and powdered Ajwain up to six months can store.

Other Names for Ajwain:

Carom Seeds, Thymol Seeds, Bishops Seed, Ajwain, Omam, Owa, Wonwo, Ajmo.


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