Coriander leaves: Dhaniya Patti in Hindi

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Coriander leaves also called as cilantro; cilantro also known “coriandrum sativum L”. As its flavor compliment with savory dishes, like with tomatoes, curd, lemon, apple, kiwi, grapes, berries and so on…it is mostly used in Asia and Latin America. You can use it in sauce, curries, salsa, juice, smoothie as many as way you can. Coriander leaves and stems are used as spices and coriander seeds also used as spices about that we have given details in mentioned link. Asian cuisine mostly uses both coriander leaves and seeds and USA cuisine mostly used coriander leaves and their stems.

In India coriander leaves are two types, first is desi dhaniya, this leaves are like carrot leaves these leaves flavor is very strong and next one is hybrid dhaniya patti these leaves are little bigger than desi dhaniya, these leaves flavor little mild but this leaves look good for garnishing.

Coriander is commonly used in skin problems like measles, chicken pox; it is very good antioxidant because of that it works for urinary infection and stomach disorders like flatulence and indigestion. In India we called it as pitta harak or pitta nashak. This means as per the Ayurveda there are 3 types of doshas (problems) in our body as vata, pitta and kapha those are main cause of all health problems. It stimulates the digestive fire but does not increase acidity.

Coriander leaves is rich in antioxidants and vitamins compare to coriander seeds. Cilantro protects your heart and manages diabetes, has anticancer properties. Coriander leaves may help to prevent from food poisoning, yeast infection and it improve gastric system, prevent indigestion, flatulence and work in diarrhea.

Coriander leaves has a much lower capacity to reduce swelling and inflammation rather than coriander seeds, and then also it may work on rheumatoid arthritis problems. It has been used as anti – inflammatory diet for inflammatory bowel disorder as well as used for digestion problems also.

As Coriander has high antioxidant capacity then other leaves, like the same as red raspberries has high capacity then other berries but the coriander leaves are much richer in antioxidant then red raspberries. Because of this quality it improves the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) in body.

It is high in vitamin c and fresh leaves juice content high glutathione, which improve skin cells and improve complexion. It gives clean and clear impressive skin. Ayurveda practitioners recommend using cilantro juice or pulp to treat allergic reactions like insect bites, skin rashes, itching, and inflammation. To clean skin problem coriander pack also can be used. Coriander can be used as anti- aging pack.

Drink 2 tablespoons of the juice thrice a day. The pulp may also be used on a burn wound. Cilantro for people who have pitta dosha, is also thought to be effective on allergically sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and allergic rhinitis (include a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, red, itchy, and watery eyes, and swelling around the eyes).

Coriander has rich in vitamin A and C. coriander can keep your eyes healthy in old age and prevent your eyes from night blindness, these prevent your eyes from swelling. Coriander has vitamin c which protects your eyes from cataracts and old age related problem like macular degeneration.

Coriander leaves juice may improve diabetes patients’ condition by reducing blood glucose. These juices have quality to improve lipid imbalance and oxidative stress which are the main reason for spoiling heart, kidney and liver health. It reduces LDL and VLDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol level. Any natural remedy that control lipid levels must be beneficial to improve liver function. Try to have more cilantro in different forms as salsa, salad, juice, smoothie and curries may help you to improve your toxic free overall health.

Coriander leaves helps to lower blood pressure and maintain. It balances blood pressure level, fighting with free radicals and helping to reduce blockages in arteries by blocking calcium from entering the heart and blood vessel cells. In other way coriander leaves control blood pressure by increasing urine output.

Cilantro has quality to improve urinary tract and that is why it may help to work on urinary infection. Clean urinary tract by consuming coriander leaves tea. Coriander tea is good to dissolve kidney stone and water retention problem (discuss with your doctor first don’t stop your medicine, which you consume, as per directed by your doctor). This way you can reduce your weight. So for weight loss you can consume coriander tea twice daily for a week, definitely you will lose some KGs.

Coriander is good for removing heavy metals from your body. This metals increases oxidative stress and this oxidative stress cause for the most damages in the body. Coriander leaves makes your body toxic free, which makes you feel more healthy and fresh.

Coriander is good for memory. It helps you to improve you memory and prevent from memory diseases like Alzheimer. It reduces cholesterol in brain and improves memory. To enhance the memory you can consume coriander with other herbs which will helps you to improve and maintained your health. Coriander is good for preventing DNA damage and as well as cell death.

How to Consume:

Ayurveda practitioners recommend juice or pulp for treatment. Blend 1 cup of cilantro leaves with 1/3 cup of water. Strain the juice and apply the pulp directly on the insect bite, twice a day.

In summer days you can consume as coriander butter milk. This is famous in Maharashtra in India; in north India it called mattha. This recipe is so simple just take 1 tsp Ghee for Condiment add ½ tsp cumin seeds with pinch of asafetida add this to butter milk. Now for final touch add salt to test and coriander leaves for garnish. These drinks will sooth you in summer afternoon. Some people have this just after a meal for better digestion.

Coriander tea is used for kidney stone and water retention. Just take cup of water add ½ cup of coriander leaves boil till become half and consume this tea twice daily. (Discuss with your doctor which medicines you consume already, as directed by your doctor, don’t stop that with your own).

Coriander face pack; cause of rich in vitamin c it is good for skin rejuvenates. Take some fresh coriander 2-3 sprigs, pure aloevera gel 2 to 3 tbs, curd 2 tbs, coconut milk 1 tbs, rice flour 1 tbs, soaked oats 2 tbs. Now take all the ingredients into a clean bowl and mix well until you find a smooth paste. Apply even layer of this mask on your skin. Wait for 15- 20 minutes till mask is dry. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your face. Now apply rose water on your skin. Now in 20 minutes you will find your face becomes naturally firm and hydrate.

Dried flakes also can be used in some salty bread. To make flakes at home, just dry coriander leaves in shed light and fine chop them. Now your coriander flakes are ready to use.

Note: If you want to consume coriander as medicine, don’t stop medication without consulting your doctor. Keep in mind consultation with your doctor is must.

How to store:

We can store coriander leaves in coriander Box or Bag which is available in market or can be stored as dried flakes in refrigerator. Flacks can be stored for 3 to 4 month but fresh coriander can be stored for 1 or 2 weeks.

Other Names:

Coriander leaves, Cilantro, Dhaniya, Dhania, Kothamalli ilia, kathmari, Kothamari, Kothmir, Kithimbir, Dhaniya Patti, Peattasyam, Dana Pandada, kottimira akulu, Dhane pata, Korianderlov, Bi phakchi, Coriandolo,

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