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Lime or Lemon: Nimbu in Hindi

Hey, it’s passing rain season and starting the autumn. Means the transition period from summer rain to winter means a lot of fresh lemons, herbs, and fresh vegetables. Yes! Today we are going to talk about fresh lime and lemons. This blog we are going to distribute in 3 parts. Today is the first part of limes and lemons.

Lime and lemon both are the same in the flavor both are citrus fruits but there is a small difference like:

  • Lime is smaller in size than lemon.
  • Lime color is green, but the lemon color is yellow.
  • Lime has a strong flavor than lemon.
  • Lime contains higher calcium than lemon.
  • Lime has less vitamin c than lemon.

Lemon and lime have the same health benefits such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and suchlike. Lime and lemon contain vitamin c which is good for your skin, it is protecting from skin damage and helps to heal wounds. Vitamin c helps to improve the digestive system and because of that old person where daily having lemon or lime water after every meal. Vitamin c helps iron to absorb in the body from your meal.

Lime and lemon contain flavonoids that help to improve heart conditions. Lime and lemons contain good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lime and lemon are good antioxidants that can protect your health from many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Antioxidants can improve your skin and complexion. Regular intake of lime or lemon water may help to lose your weight and detox your body but do not detox your body without your doctor consultation.

How to use lime and lemons: 

You can use it as lime or lemon water. If not liking other place water than also you can add slices of lime or lemon into plain water now keep for 10 min can consume. If you are looking to lose your weight than tale 3 thin slices and add into one-liter bottle store overnight. Now the very next day mornings start consuming this flavored water. You will love to have lots of water, which will help to clean and hydrate your body.

Lemon honey water: Most of the people prefer to have warm lemon water with honey to lose weight; they have this lemon honey water in the early morning.

Lime water (as an alternative of salts): Lime water is good for the low sodium diet people can be high blood pressure patients. But remember; do not add salt into it.

Homemade scrubs: Lime or lemon can use in your bath soaps or your homemade scrubs to clean and tighten your skin.

Homemade face pack: Homemade face pack for removing sun tan or protecting skin from pimples. You need to prepare different face packs as your skin requirements if you are looking recipe for the face pack let me know I will share it.

Baking: You can use lime or lemon in baked items like lemon cake, lime bread, lime cookies.

Washing: From our ancient times we are using lemons for cleaning weasels like silver, gold polishing, cleaning of brass and copper metals. Cleaning cloths also one of the uses of lime it cleans the clothes and gives refreshing small to the cloths. Lemon can clean and bleach a floured surface, mostly used in the kitchen cleaning.

Lime and lemon can use in worldwide cosines as in salty or sweet dishes. It is used in desserts, baked items, and drinks. It is also used in soft or hard Drinks. Lime and lemon can be used in salad, chutney (souses), curries, dressings, hums, and pickles, etc..

If you want to have lime or lemon a more interesting way than making ice of a whole lemon and that crush it with greater add some of the salt and have this as your side dish as like pickles. It is so tasty and refreshing flavor.

How to store:

Lemons can be stored for months in the refrigerator in different ways:

  • You can cover each lemon separate with newspaper and store in glass airtight jar.
  • You can polish each lemon with mustard oil and store it in airtight pouches.
  • You can separate lemon juice and make ice cubes, then takeout from the tray, store in a glass jar in the freezer.

These ways you can store fresh lemons for a long time, then when you want to it simply uses your fresh lemons.

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