Millet Dessert – Hot and Healthy

New Year Party Special

So, our New Year is coming, and many people also have decided there some resolutions. I hold only one commitment, which is to be healthy every year, at the list, I can try to be healthy. I know after an age people use to think that now they can’t improve their health, but at the list, they can try to be maintained. Make it retain inhabit and slove you will realize that you started to recover your health and you are feeling healthy, try it. Today, I will share a millet dessert recipe hope you all will like it because it is a very less time-consuming recipe, and the taste is too satisfying your taste buds. So let’s start our Hot and Healthy Millet Dessert.

Millet Dessert - Healthy

Millet Dessert – Healthy


  • Rajgira / Amaranth – 1 Cup
  • Sago – 1/4 Cup
  • Dates – 1/4 Cup
  • Honey – 3 tsp (As per choice)
  • Mace– A pinch of Mace Powder.
  • Milk – 500 ml
  • Mawa – 1/4 Cup


Rajgira and Sago clean and soak overnight or at the list for 3 hours. Boil the milk add soaked rajgira, sago boil for 10 to 15 min adds mawa into it. Let it thickens, and your sago should be transparent. Ones it is done switch off the flame, plus immediately add dates, and mace into it. While serving, I will add honey, If you wish to garnish, use Almond and Pistachio nuts and Blueberries. It is entirely on you how you want to serve your friends and family. This dessert will surely give you warmth to your body in this season. First of all, the ingredients are by nature hot plus it is served very warm.

So, why you are waiting? Start serving Hot Millet Dessert. It is a soft taste and a healthy dessert. That will save you time and give something your touch to your party, and that will spread a smile, happiness, and a positive atmosphere in your new year party and your life.

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