Petha Balls

Petha Balls – Healthy and Delicious 

Happy New Year all, I wish the coming great new year will be a glorious one the gift us all our future ventures the success. So, the New year begins, and all the guests are coming to greet. Now I wanted to serve them my own but unusual dish and should be healthy. I don’t want to be in the kitchen for a long time. So, I find a new and innovative method. It is so delicious and healthy too. Now, we will start the recipe.

Petha Balls - Healthy and Delicious 

Petha Balls – Healthy and Delicious


In this recipe, I am not going to cook anything. This recipe is like an instant recipe. Take petha mash it with the help of masher now add almond powder or coconut powder with milk powder (use any good quality milk powder I use Nestle -EveryDay milk powder) and mix all ingredients well. While mixing the dough, add Suffren or Nutmeg powder into it. The dough should be less than harder because after some time, it becomes a little harder so, keep some space into it. Now give a shape as per your choice, I must give a ball shape because I don’t have time to use stencils. So, my balls are ready to serve, and I am sure it won’t be on the plate for long.


    1. If you are using almond, then for flavor use Suffren. If you are using coconut, then use Nutmeg for flavor. These combinations complement each other.
    2. If you want to use both almond and coconut with the milk powder, then for flavor use, green cardamom. If you are cooking daily, then this combination you also can find, if you are new to the kitchen, then attempt this one, also great to taste. Do experiments you will love the kitchen and healthy cooking, to eat and serve.
    3. If your petha very fresh, that means it is very juicy, then as per petha juiciness, you need to adjust more coconut or almond powder and milk powder.

Petha: Petha is ash gourd candy that is sugary but still very healthy. It increases iron in your body and helps to clean your body toxins. This candy is good for building hemoglobin in the blood cells. Old souls encourage all new moms to consume this candy, for fast improvement, during hemoglobin deficiency relief in acidity and peptic ulcers. Ash gourd is known to stabilize nerve cells and combat common debility.

Milk Powder: Milk powder benefits are as same whole milk and loaded with nutrients. It is a high source of essential minerals and vitamins such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Almonds: Almonds have a high quality of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. Almond’s fitness advantages include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

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