Precaution to The Eye

Eyes are extremely precious, for every life, we should care about it. As our old people say, if we can’t cure, we must not harm. Today, I am going to share what can harm your Eyes?

  • Never look the sun directly with a telescope or magnifying glass.
  • Reading in low or dim light can cause eye strain.
  • Do not look at the source of bright light directly that can be high volt light or lightening in the sky.
  • Excessive intake of spicy and salty food can harm your eyes.
  • Wear protective glasses when working with tools, chemicals, and smoke.
  • Excessive fluid intake / eating at night can cause to damage your eyes.
  • Sudden temperature variation can cause eye damage like going out from AC to Summer sunny day temperature without protection.
  • Excessive gazing at objects/ staying awake at night can harm your eyes.
  • Never rub your eyes too much, which can harm with small dust particles.
  • Excessive anger or sadness is not healthy for the eyes.
  • Sleeping with either too high or too low pillow.

Here are the some other ways to keep your eyes healthy and protected.

While using your eyes remember, we have only one pair, and if we want the next one, then we need to wait until somebody compromises his life, and that is a very bad situation. So, better to tack care of your Eyes like a Diamond, nothing can be better than this.

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