Healthy Eyes

As per my last blog, I discuss, we have only one pair of eyes. So, we need to take care of it. In this blog, we will discuss some of the care tips for our eyes. These tips are not very difficult we can manage this with very fewer efforts. So, let’s start to take care of your precious and beautiful eyes.

Deep Sunken Eyes:

  • Make a mixture of Honey(1 tsp) with Almond oil (1/2 tsp), and apply and do gentle massage on the eyes at bade time.
  • Chew about 5 Almonds, soak overnight and consume with a glass of milk, every morning, for Twenty One days, to replenish the visual system.

Dry Eyes:

  • Chew 2 to 3 cloves daily to get relief from dry and itchy eyes.

Red Eyes:

  • If you are long on computers than apply ice cubes on the eyes. You may feel relief from red and stressed eyes.

Red and Watery Eyes:

  • In Summer, if your eyes are having a problem like red and watery eyes then consume little salt with drinking water or you can also consume little ORS Drink.
  • Apply cucumber slice on the eyes.
  • You can also apply an ice water pad or rose water pad that can place on the eyelash.

Night Blindness:

  • Consume Tomatoes with little cooking Oil.

Here are the some other ways to keep your eyes healthy.

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