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Tomatoes: Tamatar in Hindi

Tomato is not a vegetable, it’s a fruit, and it is the most healing foods. Tomatoes scores are high in cancer-fighting foods. They are a tremendous source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin Klow in fat, and Kilojoules, and packed with fiber.

Healthy Lifestyle

Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C and lycopene. That provides red pigment and health benefits. Lycopene helps eliminate skin-aging free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays—in other words, protecting against sun damage. Lycopene is a powder antioxidant that is available in tomatoes. They are rich in Potassium, and Vitamin C, this transforms the dullness of skin to the glow of the skin. Tomatoes are acidic. Tomatoes are an excellent source of the flavonoids that inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

A tomato is a nutrient-dense superfood that offers advantages to a range of bodily systems. Its nutritional content supports healthful skin, weight loss, etc.

Tomato / Tamatar

Tomato / Tamatar

Tomatoes are great for your eyes: Vitamin A in tomatoes is excellent for improving your vision. Eating tomatoes is one of the best fruits to prevent the growth of night blindness.

Tomatoes are great for your hair: Vitamin A in tomatoes works wonderfully to keep your hair shiny and healthy. It also does wonders on your eyes, skin, bones, and teeth.

Find Your Nutrition Needs

Tomatoes good for the heart: Vitamin B and potassium in tomatoes are effective in reducing bad cholesterol and controlling blood pressure. Adding tomatoes, in your daily balanced meals, can control heart attacks and strokes.

Tomatoes help to maintain strong bones: Tomatoes contain a large amount of calcium and Vitamin K. Both of these nutrients are essential in strengthening and performing minor repairs on the bones.

Seasonal picks

How to consume:

Tomatoes flavor complement with curry leaves, coriander leaves, Onion, and garlic. As per your choice you can make the combo. In South India, Tomato pickle is very famous in Andhra Pradesh. Tomatoes may use in beauty products as face pack and scrub.

  • You can consume tomatoes like salsa, soup, juice, dressing, chutney, and curry.
  • If you want tomatoes to work suitably, on your body, then while preparing or eating food, you need to add some oil into it.
  • Tomato face pack helps you to shrink open pores due to acne problem.
  • To make a tomato scrub, combine sugar and mash-up tomatoes. You can then rub the scrub on your body, but avoid your face. Store-bought sugar crystals are too rough and can create scars on facial skin, which is thinner than the skin on the other part of the body. This scrub will help you to remove dead skin cells.

Try tomato to use in your daily meal as many as ways you can try.

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