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Black Stone Flower: Chhadila in Hindi


Parmotrema perlatum, commonly known as a black stone flower or kalpasi, is a species of lichen used as a spice in India. The species occurs throughout the temperate Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It is used in meat recipes and vegetarian recipes. It is useful in various diseases as below, find the details:

Testicles Itching: Massaging with the oil of stone flower is useful to end testicles itching.

Sprain Pain: Take 10 ml decoction of stone flower’s powder thrice a day regularly as well as coat the powder of stone flower on the affected part. Using this process is useful to cure hurt and ends pain or swelling of the sprain.

Tongue and Mouth Dryness: Boil stone flower with water and mix cumin seeds and sugar candy in it. Taking this preparation twice a day is useful to end dryness of the tongue and mouth.

Liver Enlargement: Take 10 ml decoction of stone flower thrice a day or 2-4 grams powder of stone flower twice a day as well as coat powder of stone flower on the affected part. Using this process is useful to cure swelling and liver enlargement.

Body Temperature: Regular consumption of this spice can tone up the urinary tract and helps maintain body temperature.

Against Protozoans: Black Stone Flower has antibacterial property and is effective against protozoans.

Skin Problems: Regular use of Black Stone Flower helps to treat skin problems and reduces inflammation.

Respiratory Disorders: If someone has a respiratory problem, then it is must consume spice. It improves digestion and helps to overcome respiratory disorders.

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How to consume:

Black Stone Flower can use in several ways because this is a spice. You can consume it as an individual spice or with other spices.

  • It’s soft aromatic flavor adds mild aroma to the soup and additionally used as a soup thickener.
  • It is a necessary ingredient in Goda masala or Kala masala to enhance the flavor.
  • It is an essential ingredient in many Indian recipes. It is a must-use spice for meat recipes.


Before using this as a medicine consult with your healthcare expert.

You can find some masale here.

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Other Names:

Daagar ka phool , Patthar ka phool, kalpasi, Parmotrema perlatum, Black Stone Flower, Blāk sṭōn phlavar, Cdila, chadila, Rāti puvvu, kamennyy tsvetok, Dagaḍaphūla, fiore di pietra, Pāthara phula, Pathara dā phula, Paththara phūla, Kallina hūvu, Kal malar, bunga batu

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