Butter or Margarine

Butter or Margarine

The discussion over Butter or Margarine, which is better? You will get to know at the end. Butter and Margarine made off? 

Butter made from the lactose sugar is present in fermented cream. European style butter is made this way, by incorporating bacterial cultures in a manner much like yogurt. It often has a tangier taste than fresh cream butter, which is (in comparison) known as “Cultured butter” and “sweet butter.” It has a healthy fat composition than regular butter, giving it a creamy texture and taste.

Margarine is not butter at all, hence its new name. It’s a blend made from mostly of vegetable oils. It is entirely plant-based and dairy-free, including genetically modified substances like corn, soybean, or canola oil. These oils are often heat-processed, unlike the cold-pressed oils coconut and olive oil, and high in trans fats, which can lead to greater risk for heart disease.

You can find some butters here.



“Spreadable” Butter contains less salt than standard butter. The natural trans fat in butter does not raise blood cholesterol, in the same way, artificial trans fats in margarine.


Margarine (Hard) is enriched with vitamins A and D; The vitamin E as an ingredient depends on the added oil. Beta carotene has also added to give a golden yellow color.

Margarine (Polyunsaturated) has the same nutrients as Hard Margarine.

Sunflower and safflower Margarine has the highest Vitamin E-Content. Like butter, Margarine also has much more water content in it.


  • Butter and  Margarine, both make food more palatable.
  • Both are rich in Vitamin A and D. Vitamin A -is an important antioxidant, which plays an essential role in healthy vision and healthy skin. Vitamin D-is good to absorb calcium that is for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Polyunsaturated Margarine is a valuable source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.


  • These spreads are high in calories except, it is low fat.
  • Butter and Hard Margarine are high in saturated fate.

Now you can choose what is better for you. In my opinion, everything is beneficial until you consume it in a limited amount.

Some butters are other then milk.You can try.

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