Pitta Features

As I discussed, in my lost blog, we will continue the discussion about tridosha features. Today we will know about Pitta features. Pitta nature people indicate Fire / Light.

Pitta Features

Pitta Features

Pitta Features: A pitta effective person displays the following features.

Physique: Pitta active people may have an average figure in the mean of normal stature. The visible features can be pointed and stunning (red hair, for example). These people are excellent and beautiful.

Digestion: A pitta effective person, usually eats a large amount at a time, you can say they have a ferocious appetite. Their metabolism work is powerful. These people can’t control their hunger may “shoutwhen hungry.

Personality: A pitta nature people usually passionate, pioneer, mastermind, and highly aimed. Because of a clear mind and the ability to focus on one thing, such people are sharp in investigating, and they get to the core of the matter. This nature people most of the time, get into the problem because they are Impatient and easy to get irritated, angry. These people are judgmental and critical to understanding.

So, This was the Pitta Effective people’s features. Next will get to know about Kapha Features. Till then, pitta features people can try some Nutritional supplements for their hunger control. You can follow good mental health exercise and meditation for that you can go with excellent books and music as per your choice. I use to try this when I get angry, and it works.

Find Your Nutrition Needs / Music Players

Note: This was just a predicted feature. We don’t want to hurt anyone.


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