Kapha Features:

As we discuss in the last two blog series about Vata, and Pitta Features, today, we will know about a Kapha Features. A Kapha active person usually holds the following features.

Kapha Features: 

Kapha Person Physique: A large, plump structure is a general Kapha Features. Kapha affected person features are rounder, larger, more intimate, and usually smoother compared to those affected by Vata or Pitta.

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Kapha Person Digestion: A Kapha person diet is consistent and controlled. Their metabolism leads to delayed digestion. Kapha affected people may gain extra weight quickly and face trouble in losing it. As their digestion is slow, the person may feel lazy, sleepy, or exhausted after eating.

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Kapha Person Personality: A Kapha person named “down to earth” or “solid as a rock” or you can say – they own earthy qualities.Their nature is to living grounded, calm, gentle, merciful, and supporting. A Kapha person perceives something he or she holds for a long time, which means have a good memory and strong beliefs. Because of this quality, these people used to holds stubbornness, indecision, mistrust, possessiveness, and laziness.

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So, this is the Kapha Features, and this is likewise the end of the series. Before, we got to know about Vata and Pitta Features in my previous blogs. If you want to know more about Tridosha, let me know in the comments we can discuss in the coming blogs. Till then, happy weekend.

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Note: This was just a predicted feature. We don’t want to hurt anyone.

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