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Spiny Gourd: Kheksi

Kheksi is a powerful and miracles vegetable. We use Kheksi as medicine. There is so much strength in this vegetable, after consuming this vegetable, you can find some miraculous changes in your body. To observe these changes, you need to consume Kheksi regularly.

Kheksi is also known as Kantola, Kakode, Katol, and Sweet Karela.

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We can find the Benefits of Kheksi:

For Daily Use:

Nowadays, a lot of people are attracted to Junk Foods, and they don’t use vegetables and lentils in daily life. The reason may vary, they may don’t have time to cook, they like the taste, or they may find it is a symbol of a better lifestyle. Our new generation doesn’t produce much attention to vegetables or healthy food. Yes, they eat healthy food when a doctor prescribes them. But, my thinking is why give a chance to become sick and after a doctor’s prescription-only have a portion of healthy food. Start Today, make routine, Because any vegetable affects your body when you consume it regularly.

We must include kheksi in our daily diet. Because kheksi contains Healthy elements and Fiber. Kheksi is a useful and healthy vegetable as per the Indian Ayurveda. You can consume Kheksi for protein and fiber source. It is 50 times better than Meat. This vegetable is highly anti-oxidative. It is a great source to clean your body. Kheksi is an excellent source of weight loss. Kheksi Vegetable is a good source of iron. Kheksi is also a low source of carbs. Kheksi is extremely helpful in the prevention of various eye diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer.

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Kheksi vegetables improve digestion. If you don’t like to consume Kheksi as a vegetable, you can make pickles and eat them. These pickles are also quite tasty. That will help to improve your digestive system. Kheksi controls high blood pressure and acts as an antioxidant, anti-diabetes, and anti-stress and controls weight and high blood pressure. Kheksi also works as Anti-allergic and analgesics. Kheksi provides relief from pain without putting you to sleep. Kheksi can give real-life in cold and cough.

Kheksi in Raining season’s vegetable, it is mostly grown by heal areas. But, Nowadays it is available all over India. So, Don’t give excuses that you don’t find it in your area. Have it, and get the benefit.

Other Names:

Kheksi, Kantola, Kakode, Katol, Sweet Karela, Sweet Bitter Gourd, bristly balsam pear, prickly carolaho, teasle gourd, spiny gourd.

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