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How Hobbies Impact Your Life

Hobbies are an excellent way to spend spare time and get a change from your daily routine life. Whether it is learning something new skills, reading, dancing, playing, acting, or music, it can be anything. When you spend some time as per your wish, you feel happy. When […]

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Black Cardamom: Badi Elaichi in Hindi

There are two types of cardamom one in green cardamom and second is black cardamom/ brown or red cardamom, in our previous article we have posted about green cardamom. Now we will know about Black cardamom. Black cardamom plant height is up to 10 feet; leaves are average […]

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Celery Seeds: Ajwain / Ajmoda in Hindi

Celery belongs to the family Apiaceae which is commonly used as vegetable and seeds are used as spices. The celery plant height can go up to 50 to 100 Centimeters tall. It was cultivated as a medicinal plant thousands of years ago. Celeries are high in Vitamins’ A, B, C, Calcium and Magnesium. […]

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