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Black Cardamom: Badi Elaichi in Hindi

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There are two types of cardamom one in green cardamom and second is black cardamom/ brown or red cardamom, in our previous article we have posted about green cardamom. Now we will know about Black cardamom. Black cardamom plant height is up to 10 feet; leaves are average 2 feet long and sharp pointed. Black Cardamom plant life is all most 10 to 12 years. Black cardamom production mostly in India, Bengal, Nepal, Asia, Australia. Black Cardamom is mostly used as spices but for exception it is used in some of sweet dishes also. Sea breeze and shady land are basic necessity for this. Their seed are bigger than green cardamom and looks triangular. Black Cardamom is also used for medication for ancient time.

Big cardamom aroma like Camphor (kapoor), Big cardamom is rich contains Iron, calcium and it is also full of vitamins. Black cardamom is good for digestion problems can help you to digest easily and cure bloated stomach. It is good for mouth sore and gum problem also, which is most of the time happen because of upset stomach. Ones your stomach is clear your mouth problems also may solves just chew cardamom daily. Black cardamom is rich in anti- oxidants which is good for kidney problems and also for skin problems. It can clean you kidney and skin, which leaves behind a healthy kidney and glowing skin. Big Cardamom is best detox, which can improve your hair health, can stop hair fall and make hair black, long, strong and thickens.

Big cardamom can cure asthma and any kind of lung infection; it is boon for respiratory system.

Ones you start consuming big cardamom daily in any way it can be as in curry or raw. It will improve your blood flow and can gives relief from blood pressure problem.

How To consume:

Black cardamom is used as like green cardamom in most of places but still it has some specific use and those are:

Vomiting: Take one black cardamom and rap in one small piece of paper and burn on flame and then peel the cardamom and chew the seeds for some time in mouth you may feel relief in some time or you can do one more way just boil black cardamom in half a liter of water with five grams of big cardamom. When water remains one fourth, then take off. After drinking this water, the vomiting stops.

Blisters/ mouth sore: Once you feel blisters are in the mouth, grind big brown cardamom and mix them in the Mishree (sugar – candy) and apply in the same place, these may relief you immediately.

Dysfunction: if you have eaten lot of bananas and feeling bloated stomach then just have one cardamom you feel relax and after that also if you are not feel relax than with cardamom just have one cup of worm water which will help you to digest and you will feel lighter.

Motion Sickness: Many people are dizzy when they travel in the bus or any other vehicle in journey or they are scared during travel because of vomiting. To feel free from this problem, chew a small cardamom you may feel better.

Body Pain: Consume 2 to 3 Big Cardamoms daily to get relief from body pain and tiredness.

Headache: If you have head ace problem then massage with big cardamom oil can solve the Headache problem.

Hyper salivation: if someone has too much saliva in mouth in that condition person feel uneasy in public place, you need to chew Areca / Betel nut with black cardamom, you may find your problem is getting solved and again you feel confident in public place.

You take care of your diet; Diet will take care of you.

Note: Excess use of cardamom gives you some side effects which are not good for your health like itching, rashes and red spot on the skin. Having allergy with black Cardamom then does not consume Black Cardamom. If your body not able to digest then may be able to convert in kidney stone. If some already have kidney disses that don’t consume big cardamom. Excess of any thing is not good for your health.

How to Store:

You can store big cardamom as whole or powder for both use air tight container. These precautions can keep your cardamom or cardamom powder fresh for little longer than usual. Whole cardamom can be store for a year but if you want to store powder than it will great to store only for 3 to 4 months.

Other Names:

Ammom, Big Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Brown Cardamom, Nepalese Cardamom, Bengal Cardamom Or Red Cardamom, Badi Elaichi, Badi Elayachi, Elakkai, Elakkay,  Motha Veldoda,  Mothi Velchi, Mothi Vilayachi,  Mothi Vilaichi, Mothi Elchi, Elchi Powder, Cardamom Powder,  Badi Ilaayachee, Cardamomo Negro, Alhyl Alaswad, Kalo Elaca,Hei Doukou, Beullaeg Ka Damon, Cardamomo Nero, Kapulaga Hitam, Kalo Elaci, Cardamome Noire, Khar Kardamon, Kalo Kardamama, Czarny Kardamon, Balaika Itarama, Pilak Ertel, Blak Edari,Krwan Da

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