Lotus Root: Kamal Kakdi in Hindi

Lotus cucumber/ root helps to reduce the effects of many diseases. Lotus cucumber/ root has tremendous benefits for head to toes. 

Lotus root is rich in nutrients. Consuming it is very beneficial for health. Lotus root helps to reduce the impact of illness. Lotus cucumber contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious ingredients, which helps to cure diseases.

1. Lotus root is rich in antioxidants and consuming it strengthens the immune powder, while eating lotus root may help in preventing fatal diseases like cancer.

2. Lotus root is remarkable to cure for sugar problems in the body.

3. lotus root is helpful in weight loss after consuming you, may feel full for a long. 

4. Lotus root helps to improve the oxygen level in the body and helps to keep energetic.

5. Lotus root is a good source of iron.

6. Lotus root has Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, which helps to boost immune power, and it is also great for eyes. 

7. It is saying in the Chhattisgarh state, India, that Lotus root can help in reducing the fever. Remember, you need to consume only after cooking.

8. It gives aid in swelling of the hands, joints (due to joint pain), and muscles. In India, it is saying that It eliminates bone-related diseases from the root.

9. Consuming lotus root good for skin diseases and relieves problems of skin rash, dryness, etc.

10. Consuming lotus root removes the toxin from the body, and reduce the chances of kidney stone formation.

It is a very healthy vegetable, but in my childhood, I never like the flavor. Now I eat with gravy. You also try in your way and let me how you will prefer to eat.

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