New Moms Stay Healthy

For new moms, What to do and not to do?

Everyone plans for a healthy mommy and kid. But a needy newborn quickly exhausts the energy, and time, which Mom should use for self-care. Health is, still, priority for new moms. A happy, healthy mom makes for a happy, healthy kid.

The post-partum period, an essential phase in a new mother’s life, until she returns to the pre-pregnancy stage. This period mostly six to eight weeks after birth, when you need to take extreme care of your body and strengthen it with adequate rest, nutrition. During this period, the mother experiences emotional and physical changes while balancing the responsibilities that begin with motherhood.

Simple ways to get back your health:

 1. Take the Most of Nap Time: Getting your baby to nap is an achievement—make the most of it! Get a workout DVD or book, prepare healthy snacks, and meals. Take a shower and use the time for some well-deserved Nap or rest.

Relax if your house looks a mess. This time you have other important works to do. Save your time and energy. If necessitated ask for help. Sleep when your baby is sleeping.


2. Take Care of Your Lower Back: Your lower back, which needs to get back to its natural alignment post-partum period. Protect it by alternating, make sure you’re not over-arching your lower back when standing, and practicing gentle stretching that will help your ligaments come together. This will helps the heavy lifting as your baby grows.


3. To-Do List: Note down your health schedule. Set goals for daily exercise, social time, quiet time, and even hygiene. Unstructured time is not sufficient, So when in doubt, write down the routine.

Don’t get so busy in your baby’s schedule and neglect your own; you should have nutritious and easy to cook food. When you have a few minutes, chop up crunchy, vitamin- and fiber-rich vegetables like carrots and celery, pita chips, and put them into individual baggies and use as per the requirement.


4. Boost Your Immune System: Eat lots of lean proteins, dark greens, and antioxidant-rich foods like berries and apples for an immune boost. Keeping well-hydrated will also flush your body toxins and keep you on a healthy path. There are health benefits as well—research shows that laughing with friends boosts immunity, and working out with a buddy has been shown to yield better results.



5. Weight Loss: After the baby is delivered, you may feel a little lighter, but you are likely to lose a few pounds after childbirth. If you are breastfeeding, then there is a definite chance of weight loss, as breastfeeding is known to help in getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight.



For Newborn Baby’s What to Use?

It’s important to sterilize all your baby’s feeding accessories, including bottles, and teats until they are at least 12 months old. Sterilize will protect your baby against infections, like diarrhea and vomiting.

Sterilizing must do for killing any harmful germs that may be sticking to surfaces of the bottles and other equipment.

It is essential to sterilize baby bottles before each use, at least for the first 12 months of your baby’s life.
Baby product sterilizing machines may save your time and risk toward your baby ‘s health. One more thing you can use for your baby that is a bottle warmer, this will protect your bottle milk from spoiling. It is also a useful, time sever, and essential tool for every busy mom.

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