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Apple : Safarchand in Hindi

Today, we will know about apples. most of the people have learned in English ” an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But ever think why is this famous? I will let you know because apple is a handy fruit, which you can have any time anywhere. It will make you full for a longer and excellent source for heart, sugar, digestion, and many more problems. It is rich in vitamin C.

Apple, mostly great for Vitamin C when it is raw if you cook, then apple will lose vitamin C. After cooking, only carbohydrates remain the same.

Apple can consume as a raw fruit, in fruit salad, in curry, in veg pulao, apple pie, dried apple, juice, smoothies, and many more ways. Now we will see the apple benefits.

10 Benefits of Apple :

Smoother Digestion: Apple has many health benefits, but main it contains soluble fiber name pectin( What is Pectin?). It additionally contains malic acid, which is again a helpful digestive content.

Weight Loss: Apple’s pectin fiber helps to lose weight because pectin doesn’t allow our body to absorb saturated fat. As I experience, fiber makes full for longer, and in the long run, this aids in weight loss.

Control Diabetics and Blood Sugar Regulation: Apple has fructose and antioxidants, which helps to regulate sugar in your body and prevents type 2 diabetics. Because of the class of antioxidants, which is available in red, blue, and purple color fruits and veggies.

Relive Constipation and Diarrhea: Apple has pectin fiber, which is highly useful for a smooth bowel system. Apple works on constipation and diarrhea as per the body’s needs.

Protect Bones: Apple gives strength to the bones and plays a vital role in all over the bone health. Apple’s skin is good for bone health, especially in menopause. Apple fights with inflammation and free radicals production that cause for the bone degeneration.

Reduce Cholesterol:  Apple’s pectin fiber and other antioxidants can reduce the level of bad cholesterol and help to control heart stroke risk.

Improve Brain Power: Apple builds strong communication between a nerve cell and the brain, which improves memory and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. This juice will be more useful when consuming homemade juice, not store-bought.

Brighter Teeth and Strong Gums: Apple has a numerous amount of fiber and water, which is helpful to improve saliva production. It’s vitamins also promote teeth and gum health.

Fight Asthma: Apple skin helps to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. These two ways can help to lower the risk of asthma and allergic reactions.

Promote Good Gut Bacteria’s: Apple contains pectin that means it your gut has good bacteria’s. This pectin fiber goes to your colon, where it can promote the growth of good bacteria.

So, Season is coming for the apple. Let’s start to enjoy apples and be healthy.

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