Nutmeg seed : Jaiphal / Javitra in Hindi

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From same plant two spices one is nutmeg seed and other mace – which has lacelike covering around the seed, nutmeg like aromatic savor and strong in taste. Dried nutmegs are lite brown ovals shaped with furrowed surfaces. Nutmeg have good amount of saturated fat, dietary fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin B, C, A.

Nutmeg and Mace both contain myristicin because of that strong essence which can cause hallucinations and drowsiness. Nutmeg and mace may strengthen bones, relief from insomnia, lower stress, improve memory, increase red blood cells, lower skin inflammation and irritation problems, lower eye dark circle, reduce nausea and vomiting, flatulence and diarrhea and encourage digestive health when taken balance.

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How to consume:

Nutmeg fruit which is outer layer of the nutmeg seed is used for juice, pickles and chutney, nutmeg juice may find in Malabar region, Kerala in India. Nutmeg fruit not nutmeg seed! Yes that’s right mostly used for jam, juice and fruit pieces stored in sugar syrup called murabba in Hindi as sweet dish in India.

Consume daily before bed in one cup of worm milk with very little powder around 0.5 mg (for adult person) of nutmeg or as directed by nutritionist it strengthen bones, improve memory, lower eye dark circle. When having homemade sweets or any deserts add little nutmeg just for the flavor this will reduce flatulence, diarrhea and encourage digestive health when taken it in balance.

Nutmeg oil can be used for insomnia problem, just need to apply this oil on hills and massage slowly on your forehead may lower stress and slowly fall a seep. Nutmegs have good quantity of iron and vitamin B which is great supporter to increase red blood-cells, lower skin inflammation and irritation problems.

For very small babies may can give in very small quantity like in mom milk just take 5 to 10 rounds on pasting stone. That much quantity is adequate for baby’s stomach have any flatulence or colic, if they have problems like loose motion or sleep problem, this will help and strengthen baby’s bones also.

How to Store:

Store Nutmeg in Dry airtight containers in a cool place for long time. Powdered Nutmeg likewise can put aside for long time in refrigerator with a nice and strong essence.

Other Names for Nutmeg :

Nutmeg, Jaiphal, Jhadhikkai, Javitra

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