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Nannari: Anantamul in Hindi

Nannari is a spice plant herb that is available in South Asia. Indian called Sarsaparilla is a vine. Sometimes it is a prostrate shrub (most of the branches of which lie upon or just above the ground, rather than being held erect as are the branches of most […]

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Garcinia Indica: Kokum in Hindi

Kokum (Amsul) is also called as Vrikshamla in Indian Ayurveda. It is from mangosteen family there are two verities of kokum first is Western Ghat region Kokum with smooth texture and second is Malabar kokum (Garcinia Combogia) from south India with the texture of lines on the outer […]

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Onion: Pyaj in Hindi

Onion comes from the same family as garlic but by nature garlic is hot and onion is soothing. The plant which produces onion has long rolled or strap like dark green leaves and spherical heads of greenish-white flowers. Onion is an edible bulb which is Modified stem with […]

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