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Onion: Pyaj in Hindi

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Onion comes from the same family as garlic but by nature garlic is hot and onion is soothing. The plant which produces onion has long rolled or strap like dark green leaves and spherical heads of greenish-white flowers. Onion is an edible bulb which is Modified stem with a pungent taste and smell, composed of several concentric layers, used in cooking. In India fresh new onion mostly comes in summer session. Onion has long been a common seasoning worldwide and has history of several thousand years of human consumption and use.  Onions are so special for the Indian cuisine; it is consumed in Rajsi and Tamasi bhojan/ food but not in Satvik bhojan, they avoid to consume, because it trigger your all the sexual senses and Satvik people (saints) use to control there all the senses for good cause. In India there is one community they won’t use onion and garlic other than saints called as Jain. There are many types of onions, normally people don’t realize that they are using this many verities daily but if you see carefully you may find that you have different verities at home like:

Different Verities of Onion

Different Verities of Onion

  • Red onion,
  • Banana Shallots,
  • Small Shallots (Sambar Onion),
  • Shallots,
  • Brown English Onions,
  • Spanish Onions,
  • White Onions,
  • Spring Onions.

Onion give relive from gas it won’t allow to keep bloated stomach, it is rich in antioxidant.  It cleans your stomach give relive from constipation. Can lower blood cholesterol level and it will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Eating raw onion can reduce your cholesterol level because it helps to reduce the HDLs (High – density lipoproteins), special molecules that may help to take away cholesterol from your body tissues and artery walls. It is saying in India from aged time that whichever way we consume onion it can be cooked or raw, it is reducing the harmful effect in our blood, which we absorb from fatty food. It prevents our body from blood clots and which may cause for chest stroke and brain strokes. It reduces reformation of blood clots and the same time it increases the rate of cut down blood clots in our body. It is also effective in sunstroke problems.

Onion is good for healthy and glowing skin and hair problems like hair fall and due to hair fall increased forehead  area. Onion oil and onion water may help to solve this hair problem and make them thick and long black hair. Yes! These oils are available in the online market in many brands. It is said that if we consume onion raw or roasted may help to reduce catarrh. It is good for rainy nose. It is rich in detox and good for kidney patient. Onions are rich in sulphur content which is used to prevent from infections. In middle age onion was used as protection for plague.

Note: some people may have allergy from onion they may face migraine and one main drawback is that if you have row onion may face bad breath problem.


  • While cutting onion if you face tear problem then just do one simple thing while cutting onion  take big bowl of water and as soon as you cut onion root side, just deep in water for 4 to 5 minutes and then start chopping onion you won’t cry, i am sure you this way you will enjoy vegetable chopping.
  • Do not store raw Onion puree otherwise this will start to become bitter taste.

How to consume:

Catarrh or rainy nose problem we can consume onion raw or cooked any ways. But if you find rainy nose problem is not in control and disturbing your daily routine then just take one onion cut horizontal from the center in two pieces and smell it for half an hour. Your rainy nose problem can stop immediately.

Hair problems like hair fall and due to hair fall increased forehead area, in that condition just apply onion oil or onion water in that area where you lost your hair after some days you may find that some new hairs are growing there. Onion oil is available in market or you also can find online in different brands.

Sunstroke cause may differ like roaming around in the sunny day or seating in the sunny warm room or sudden changes in body temperature like directly moving out from AC room or car. Then just apply onion juice on you hand and palms, Soles of feet and you Forehead or if you find that still you have the same effect of sunstroke than you can apply onion juice in your full body. Slowly within an hours you will find that onion juice is working on effect of sunstroke.

Detox your body with onion may solve your cholesterol, kidney and constipation problem just consume raw onion as salsa, salad, curry, fries or as many as ways you can eat, do not worry for bad breath after having onion just chew green cardamom or fennel seeds to get rid of it.

Viral infection, if you are facing any of viral diseases in your area or you yourself suffering from viral disease than to recover from infection, with the medication, just do the same, slice some onion and keep next to you . You can rid of this problem soon and you can save your family and friends to suffer from this and spread viral infection to others.

How to Store:

Onion can be stored in an airy bag or if you want to store peeled onion then use airtight jar and store in refrigerator. This way you can store it for couple of days. If want to use onion puree than make it fresh one that will be more healthy and tasty.

Other Names:

Onion, Pyaj, Kanda, Kande, Pyaji, Cebolla, Ui, Qepe, Shinikuriti, Sokh, Pemyaja, Pyaja, Gomolj, Luk, Ceba, Sibuyas, Anyezi, Yangcong, Cipolla, Cibule, Cepo, Sibul, Sibuyas, Sipuli, Onniun, Tamanegi, Lrulli, Shallot, Bawang Bombay, Bawang, Alibasa, Yebasi, Laukur, Hagyama, Ohi, Albasa, Zonyon, Dungali, Kando, Kremmydi, Zwiebel, Khakhvi, Cebola, Sipel, Cepa, Svogunai, Svoguns, Zelleri, Kromid, Tongolo, Bawang Merah,  Ulli, Basla, Aniana, Te Kiri, Songino, Cebula, Piaja, Luk, Tsibele, U-Anyanisi, Ushaladi, Haw Hxm, Ullipaya, Venkayam, Basasha, Lunu.

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