"Mix Masala"

Kolhapuri Onion and Garlic Masala: Kolhapuri Kanda Lahsun Masala in Hindi

Hey Friends, today we are going to share kolhapuri Kande lahsun masala, Kolhapur is a very famous par of Maharashtra, India. This place is very famous for their different types of masala and chatnees (sauces). They love very spicy food, so let’s start today’s kande lahsun Masala…



Mix Masala .jpgAsafoetida / Hing – 2tsp

Black Cardamom – 4 pieces

Bay leaves – 7 to 8 Leaves

Bedge / Lavangi Mirchi – 50g

Black cumin seeds/ shah jeera – 10g

Black pepper – 10g

Cinnamon – 10g

Cloves – 10g

Coriander seeds – 50g

Cumin seeds – 10g

Dried coconut – 20g

Dried red chili – 50g

Garlic – 50g

Mace – 10g

Nagkesar – 10g

Onion – 250g

Star anise / karnaphul / badam phool – 10g

White sesame seeds – 10g


  • First fine chop onion and make it dried in son light for 2 to 3 days then use masala for long. This way you can increase life of your masala.
  • Take 1 tbs of rock salt as preservative while grinding chilies.



First we need to roast some items and some of them are needed to fry then grind and mix well.

Items need to roast:

Coriander Seeds, Dried Coconut, Cumin Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Sesame Seeds Roast it well and grind it then keep powder a side.

Items need to fry:

Black Pepper, Cloves, Nagkesar, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Mace, Bay Leaves, Asafoetida Bulb, Onion, and Black Cardamom fry this all items, till all items get crisp. Then grind it all one by one and while grinding fried onion mix with garlic and now grind both till fine powder. Now grind dried red chili and bedge mirchi (for color) till fine powder.

Now mixes all powders –dry roasted and fried both powder and grind one more time to mix it well. Now final and last time take all powder to mix with chili powder and mix well in a mixer.

Yes! Friends your Onion and Garlic Masala is now ready to use. You can use this spice in all non – veg and Veg spicy Dishes.

How to Store:

Take an airtight container to store, this should be clean and dry, now fill with masala and clean the mouth of your container and pack it well. Keep freshness for long time use asafoetida bulb to keep on the top of the masala and then at last keep this container in the refrigerator for long life.


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