Puran: Pola (Pithori) Special

Happy Pola to all…

Pola is a bull-respecting festival. Pola falls on the day of the Pithori Amavasya in the month of Shravana. Pola is a thanksgiving festival to bull for helping in farming work. In this Pola festival, we give rest and respect to the bull. Pola is celebrated by farmers mainly in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, Northern parts of Telangana as Polala Amavasya. On the day of Pola, the farmers decorate and respect their bulls. Puran is the main naivedya (Prasad) to the bull. We feed Puran Poli to bull and respect the brothers because they were also done a lot of work on farms. So you can say this day is also bulls and brothers’ day. In pola evening sisters break cucumber on brother’s back, just for fun, but it is a custom. So, in pola day brothers should be ready to get cucumber hit by their sisters. Haha, it is so funny but I like that, at list ones in a year I can hit him and he can’t compliant to mom because it’s custom.right… 

I don’t want to bore you people. So, let us start ho we can make Puran recipe:


Chana Dal – 1Cup

Sugar – 1 ½ Cup

Nutmeg – ½ tsp

First, wash Chana dal, cook in a pressure cooker till soft (everybody knows how to cook in a pressure cooker so not explaining that). Now, ones it is soft-cooked rest it for an hour then grind it in smooth pest. Then take a pan to add smooth pest of cooked chana dal and add all sugar into it. Now one more time cooks in a slow flame. While cooking stir it continuously otherwise it will stick to the pan and which won’t be good for the dish. While stirring take long wooden-handled spoon otherwise spoon may be hot and won’t be safe. While stirring be safe, mixture parts jump up many times and come over on hands. Ones it all done now checking the process that you Puran is ready or not then just try to stand your spoon into it if it started to stand in mixture just add Nutmeg powder and stir well till your spoon stand it. Ones it sand for ½ min just remove from the flame and stair it for the min. use it as per the requirement of your dish. It may be Puran Poli, Puran Kheer, Puran Vada, Puran Balls, Puran Kachori, Puran Cupcake, Puran Modak or Karanji (gujuya) and you add it as many you can.

How to consume:

Puran Poli and Puran Kheer

Puran Poli and Puran Kheer

Puran Poli: Take Fine Flour (Maida), add some oil into it (to make soft chapatti), add a pinch of salt into the flower. Now make dough apply one more time on the dough keep aside for 15 to 20min. Now make small dough ball and make a cup with it and now take the same size ball of Puran and fill into the cup now very carefully close the cup. Now start making flatten it and slowly move into a chapatti. Now roast both sides with ghee and all done your Puran Poli is ready to eat.

Puran Kheer: For Puran kheer, in Puran add some hot milk into pan mix well. Give one boiling to the mix and add some of the dry fruits into it and serve hot garnish with dry fruits and some boiled Chana Dal.  

Puran Vada

Puran Vada

Puran Vada: Puran Vada can be coated with 

  • Soaked and ground Udad dal batter,
  • It can be Soaked and ground Rice batter, 
  • It can be Soaked and soften Bread,
  • It can be boiled and mashed Potatoes.

 Just coat it with your choice and fry. Yes! Your tasty vadas are ready to eat.

Puran Balls

Puran Balls

Puran Balls:

  • Puran Balls can coat with steamed rice flower, and again one more time steam balls.
  • Puran balls can be coat with Mava (Khoya),
  • Puran balls can be coat with almond butter or peanut butter and freeze it. Kids will love this.
  • Puran balls can be coat with Soji Halwa.

Just need to try different coatings, and your Puran balls are ready to eat. You can experiment it different ways and if you wish, while making Puran balls you can also add some dry fruits in Puran.

Puran Kachori and Puran Cupcake

Puran Kachori and Puran Cupcake

Puran Kachori: 

Puran kachori making so simple, make it like other kachori’s, just you have to fill Puran batter in place of spicy one.

Puran Cupcake:

Take a cup to apply the cake batter bottom and all sides, ones it is done keep Puran ball in the center and again pore cake batter all side spaces and on the tope. Now, bake it, now what? Enjoy your puran Cupcake its ready, just have it.

Puran Modak and Puran Karanji

Puran Modak and Puran Karanji

Puran Modak:

  • Puran Madak, Puran balls filled into steamed rice flower cups and close them, and again one more time steam Modak.

Puran Karanji (gujuya):

  • Puran Karanji, Puran balls filled into steamed rice flower cups and close them in a half-moon shape, and again one more time steam Karanji.
  • Puran Karanji, Puran Balls cover with bread flour chapatti and close in a half-moon shape and fry it in low flame till little brown.

So, this is all Pola celebration.. Happy Pola to all… Have fun..






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