Poppy Seeds: Khas Khas in Hindi

Poppy Seeds/ Khas Khas

Poppy Seeds/ Khas Khas

Poppy seeds (khas khas) with crisp and rich flavor, Poppy seeds are very healthy being rich healthy fatty acids, calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, and potassium, phosphorus and dietary fiber. Poppy seeds are extremely beneficial in treating inflammation, quenching thirst.

Poppy seeds are used as food in many cultures. Poppy seeds are used by most of the cuisines as ingredient of sweet dish or spicy curries. Poppy seeds may be used as food or medicine. poppy seeds can be used whole by bakers to decorate their products or milled and mixed with sugar as a sweet filling. Poppy seeds have a creamy and nut-like flavor, and when used with ground coconut, the seeds provide a unique and flavor-rich curry base. They can be dry roasted and ground to be used in wet curry (curry paste) or dry curry.

10  Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds:

  1. Cure Insomnia: Poppy seeds can reduce stress levels by calming your body that induces sound sleep. Poppy seeds can also act as a pain killer. Poppy seeds oil you can apply to get relief from joint pain.
  2. Good for diabetics: Rich source of dietary fiber and manganese help to prevent and treat diabetes. Dietary fiber is also good for digestion. Dietary fiber may help to lose weight. Poppy seeds can help to reduce constipation problems.
  3. Strengthen bones: Being the powerhouse of calcium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus, poppy seeds strengthen bones.
  4. Boost immunity: Poppy seeds are loaded with zinc which helps to strengthen the immune system in our body.
  5. Treat Kidney Stone: poppy seeds contain a good amount of potassium that helps to treat kidney stone and also prevents re-occurrence of kidney stone.
  6. Brain Health: poppy seeds are a good source of iron, copper, calcium which enhances the brain function when consumed regularly. Consume it but in the limit, it can make you addict also. So, have it but in the limit it as medicine.
  7. Skin Problems:  if your skin is dry or you are facing any skin problem like eczema, you can consume regular or can apply poppy seeds oil on the affected area.
  8. Rich in Nutrients: Poppy seeds are a rich source of healthy fatty acids, calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, and potassium, phosphorus. If possible weekly threes ½ tsp poppy seeds can consume in any dish. This way you can fulfill your daily nutritional requirements.
  9. Managing Anemia: Poppy seeds are a rich source of iron which helps to prevent and treat iron-deficiency anemia.
  10. Improve Heart Health: Poppy seeds are beneficial for the heart as these are a good source of healthy fatty acids, magnesium, and potassium.

How to Consume:

Poppy Seed Muffins: Poppy seed muffins  are muffins typically made with wheat flour, butter, sugar and poppy seeds, and often other ingredients (including lemon, cinnamon, vanilla or blueberries). They are often eaten as snacks or as a dessert but are also commonly eaten as a breakfast.

Glowing Skin Face Pack: Poppy seed pest is good for skin glow, apply twice a week you can see the difference. Your skin will start glowing. It can also n remove wrinkles.

Weight loss Drink: Soak poppy seed and almond overnight in warm water grind it in the morning with milk and green cardamom. Please don’t add sugar if you want to lose weight fast otherwise can add honey or jaggery into it for taste. Consume it twice daily for fast results.

Poppy seeds can be used as a dessert and spicy curry, like smoothies or cold drinks in summer.

How to Store:

Poppy seeds Shelf Life is 12 months. For the long-time use, you can roast and store in the refrigerator.

Other Names:

Kashash,  Khuskhush ,  Khasksi ,  Kashakasha ,  Khus khus ,  Khush khush, Khas Khas, Khasa, Khakasa ,  Gaehagesha kasakasa ,  Kasakasa, Gasagasla, Gasalu ,  Kashkash sufaid, semena maka, Yīngsù zhǒngzǐ

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