"Stems and Bark"

Cane Jaggery: Gud in Hindi

Cane Jaggery:

Sugar cane juice makes Cane Jaggery after processing over a heat. Cane jaggery is beneficial in many illnesses. Cane jaggery is good for the common cold, menstrual problems, migraine pain, gives relief in cough. It improves bone health, joint pain problems. It also helps prevents respiratory problems, cures anemia, helps in improving the hemoglobin level, and many others.

Cane jaggery contains vitamins and minerals. Jaggery is rich in iron, and It also holds many minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Manganese, and Zinc. It is a high source of naturally occurring B vitamins.

Cane Jaggery

Cane Jaggery

How to consume:

Cane Jaggery uses different ways of a different disease. Some of them I am going to explain here, but don’t try with your own with your doctor consultation because Jaggery is hot by nature. Pregnant women, be particularly careful while eating with its hot nature food.

The Common Cold: Crushed jaggery 1 tsp, mix with 2 tsp of betel leaves juice. Now add this mixture in 1/2 cup of warm water and sip this slowly for the common cold problem at a list of three to four times a day.

If you consume coffee, cane Jaggery and Nutmeg powder will also help to get relives from the Common Cold.

Relief in Cough: Grind 1 tsp jaggery with two-three Black peppers. Keep this paste on the tongue, and slowly suck this to gain relief from cough. Take this paste twice a day for quick relief.

Get rid of Migraine Pain: Grind cane jaggery 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp white sesame seeds, and milk 1 tbsp to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on the forehead to relieve migraine headaches. Daily eating jaggery may relieve migraine permanently.

Menstrual Problem:  Cane jaggery one small piece on an empty stomach with a glass of water. May work to cure heavy periods.

Improve Bone Health: Jaggery improves bone health. It strengthens bone and muscles. It gives relives in joint pains.

Stimulates the Digestive Enzymes: Jaggery prevents constipation by aiding digestion. Cane jaggery stimulates digestive enzymes in our body. Jaggery improves proper digestion.

Joint pain:  Cane jaggery 1 tsp grated and 1 tsp grated ginger mix well. Eat this mixture once a day to get rid of joint pain.

Cure Anemia: Jaggery flushes out the toxins and purifies the blood. It is also known to be a useful remedy for anemia. Jaggery helps in improving the hemoglobin level. One can eat 50 g chana/ phutana (roasted chickpeas) and 25 g jaggery to boost iron and folic acid levels in the body.

Prevents Respiratory problems: Jaggery cleans the entire respiratory system. It has anti-allergic compounds and helps fight with bronchitis and asthma. If having this problem then, roast 2 tbsp of black sesame seeds and add 1 tbsp of grated cane jaggery into it, mix it well. Consuming this mixture once a day during the whole winter season will be great for you.

Relive from Swelling:  Cane Jaggery and lime mix well and apply on the part of the swelling may get relive soon.

Other Names: Gud, Bra, Gul, Gura, Vellam, Bellaṁ, N̂ảtāl tond, jaggeri, Mulla, Bella, Gola, Cūtáng

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