Mysuru Dasara Special

Hi all, In our India Dashahara/ Dasara is a very famous festival, in this Mysuru Dasara is well known. Today I am going to share Mysuru Special dishes. These dishes they use to make in the Dasara festival in north India also know these dishes first is Shavige Payasa means Shev or Vermicelli Kheer and second is Gasgase Payase means Poppy seeds kheer. They also make different types of rice during this festival. Today we will go with dessert dishes. So, let’ start with our first dish Shavige Payasa/ Shev / Vermicelli Kheer.

Shavige Payasa/ Shev / Vermicelli Kheer


  • Vermicelli – 1/4 cup
  • Milk – 2 cup
  • Sugar – As per the taste
  • Saffron/ Rose Syrup or chocolate syrup – 2 tsp
  • Ghee – 2tsp

First, take ghee in a pan, add Vermicelli and roast it till it becomes little brown. Now add milk till it becomes soft. Now it’s time to add flavor. People use to add saffron or cardamom, but for a change, I am going to add rose syrup or chocolate syrup. With rose flavor, you can also add cardamom combo of these two also is tasty. So try this and enjoy your Shavige Payasa/ Shev / Vermicelli Kheer is ready to serve can serve hot or cold.

Now turn to our second dish Gasgase Payasa/ Khas Khas/ Poppy Seeds Kheer.


First, wash the rice and drain water, leave it for ten minutes to drain completely. Now take a pan, add ghee, and roast rice for 2 to 3 minutes. Add milk and cook it till it is half cook. Now add coconut milk and boil it and stir it continuously till it cooks well. Add roasted poppy seeds and give a boil, add jaggery powder as per the taste and again give aboil. Now it time to add flavor so, add cardamom and mix it well. Now your Gasgase Payasa/ Khas Khas/ Poppy Seeds Kheer is ready to add dry nuts as per your choice and serve hot. It’s yummy.

Enjoy Dasara/ Dashahara with great Indian festival offers. 

So, dessert is ready for Dasara/ Dashahara. Enjoy your Shavige Payasa/ Shev / Vermicelli Kheer and Gasgase Payasa/ Khas Khas/ Poppy Seeds Kheer. Our ancestors found these recipes for Dasara because it’s the right choice for a weather change. Safforan and Poppy Seeds are, by nature (Taseer) hot and good for the upcoming weather change. This time most of the people get cold, cough for that Safforan, and Khas Khas are the best options. So, Enjoy Dasara with healthy food.

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