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Aloe Vera: Ghrit Kumari in Hindi

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is the plant of immortality. It can live and bloom without soil. Aloe Vera is known as traditional medicine for thousands of years, and it has various health benefits as well. Digestive help Aloe Vera latex contains aloin, which is an anthraquinone. It gives […]

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Saffron: Kesar or Keshar in Hindi

Saffron –  A hot spice… Hey all, today we are going to know about saffron. Its winter season and everyone wants some hot drinks it be by nature or by temperate. Saffron is used in many dishes in all the cuisine all over the world. These dishes can […]

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Mint: Pudina in Hindi

Mint is an herb with fresh-tasting leaves. Mint is name for many plants which use as spicy herb but mainly we use two plants one is peppermint and other one is spearmint that belong to the genus Mentha. In India we consume it as fresh and dried both ways. Both forms of the mint […]

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