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Garlic: Lahsun In Hindi

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Garlic (Allium Sativum) is specie which is closely relative include the onion, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion. Garlic is native to Central Asia and northeastern Iran. In India fresh garlic mostly comes in winter session. Garlic has long been a common seasoning worldwide and has history of several thousand years of human consumption and use.  Garlic is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol. It works as nasal decongestant properties as well as garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

As per Herbalists’ and naturopaths garlic is a miracle food and they use it as remedy for asthma complaints to arthritis complaints. Garlic is a natural decongestant. It’s good to have in sinusitis.

Medical properties in garlic are called sulphur compounds those released when garlic bulbs are crushed.

As garlic nature is hot, we must not consume a big amount in summer days it can harm you. It can be cause of feet and palm burning sensation or can be cause of less sleep; some may be able to face hair loss problem and pimple also. It is good to have fewer amounts (just for flavor) of garlic in summer.

It may be able to help reducing gastric cancer as well as Chines found, that people with the high intake of garlic were those least likely to suffer from stomach cancer.

There is practical drawback of garlic is bad breath, migraine and some peoples can have skin problems. Migraine trigger to susceptible people allergies can trigger to very few people. When garlic handled too much than it can irritate the skin causing contact dermatitis. People who have allergy from garlic can trigger for hive (a skin disses) hive is often result of one of the most common problem, is that skin contact.

Try eating raw or cooked garlic for your catarrh problem. After eating garlic you may feel bad breath, to reduce that bad odour wash your mouth with water and chew some mouth freshener as basil, parsley, cardamom or as per your choice.

The most common serious disorder added with poor circulation is ATHEROSCLERSTS in this the walls or arteries develop fatty deposits, thicken, become less supple and so impede the blood flow. Than this problem increase the risk of heart attacks, stocks and variety of other disorder’s depending on which area arteries are affected. Garlic will help to cure this problem by inhabit blood clotting and increase the rate of broken down blood clots.

May people have difference in the opinion that raw garlic is useful or cooked? Some of them think after cooking garlic last their volatile components but consuming dried garlic is very less effective in reducing Blood pressure and cholesterol. In several studies researchers have shown that garlic compounds are good for heart. Garlic reduces production of harmful cholesterol in liver and raises the level of good high – density lipoproteins in the blood.

In early BC People also use garlic as medicine for health issues. Studies show that preparations based on raw garlic juice help to reduce blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure but before consuming conform from your Doctor for doses or quantity of the juice.

In Influenza garlic may help. Extracts of garlic may help to fight of glue because of that’s decongestant quality and also said to ease sore throats, reduce fever and helps the body to cure infection.

How to Consume:

Garlic bulbs have healing properties as an antiviral and antibacterial properties garlic can be eaten raw in cold symptoms and to reduce nasal congestion. Garlic is a natural decongestant. It’s good to have in sinusitis. Sinusitis Diet – use garlic daily in soups, gravies and curries.

When you have cold, sinusitis or catarrh problem, to reduce these problems you can just peel garlic with your hand and nails you may feel relief in fewer time or if you have too much nasal blockage than rub one crushed garlic cloves in your hand nails, palm and smell them from close to your nose, soon you may feel relief.

In winter days if your hand and feet fingers are freezing than to warm that apply garlic oil. Making garlic oil at home is too easy. Just peel garlic cloves and give one cut in between the cloves and then fry them in any vegetable oil or mustered oil (also Hot by Nature) till cloves become dark brown. Filter this oil and use it in winter days, can store for a month.

In India and Germany garlic is consumed as drug for lowering blood cholesterol levels. They consume fresh garlic as about 4g (1/8 oz.) or you can say 1 or 2 small clove daily or as directed by Doctor.

Inhibit your blood clotting we need to consume more than 5 cloves but to consume a big amount of garlic take guidance with your doctor don’t take as your own because by nature it’s too hot.


After chopping or crushing garlic, let it sit on the kitchen bench of about 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. This allows sufficient time for various health protective substances to form.


Consuming excess garlic may cause migraine and occasionally may cause contact dermatitis. Yes! It causes the bad breath smell. If you want to use as medicine, discusses with your doctor before you start.

How to Store:

IMG_20190223_212638808Garlic can be stored in an airy bag or if you want to store peeled garlic then use airtight jar and store in refrigerator. This way you can store it for couple of weeks. If want to use garlic pest than make it fresh one that will be more healthy.


Other Names:

Garlic / Lasan / Lahsun / Lahsan / Poondu / Lasun / Lasana / Veluttlli / Rasuna / Puntu / Lasuna / Vellulli / Bellulli / Bawang putih / Aglio

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