Flax seeds: Alsi in Hindi

Flax seed is a plant-based food people use to call it – “functional food or super-food” because of their supper qualities.

Flax Seeds packed with nutrients, and high in Omega-3 Fats. Flax seed is a famous origin of Fatty Acid. Fatty acids are proven to have heart health benefits and are responsible for a lower risk of stroke, and control Cholesterol problem. Flax seeds perform an essential role in improving heart health. Flax seeds rich source of dietary fiber, May Reduce Cancer Risk, and prevent obesity.


It is helpful to control Blood Pressure and a great source of high-quality protein. Flax seeds are a great source of plant-based protein. Flax seeds are an alternative protein source for people who prefer to eat vegan food.

Flax seeds are high in Magnesium that is used by our bodies to digest food. Magnesium is a powerful mineral for your body and brain. Magnesium can improve your overall health.

Now, get to know about Ayurveda regarding flax seeds. Ayurveda says we must not consume raw flax seeds. Raw flax seeds generate toxic in our bodies. We must roast and then use it as per the wish. As I mentioned in my last blog that pregnant women must not consume flax seeds because it’s hot by nature.  If you want to eat, you must discuss it with your doctor.

How to consume:

All over the world in all the cuisine use flax seeds in different ways. I will share some of them.

Flax Seeds / Alsi / Jawas

Flax Seeds / Alsi / Jawas

  • A paste or gruel made from ground Niger seed, mixed with ground flax seeds, is traditionally used in Ethiopia for treating skin.
  • Add flax seeds to water and drink it as part of your daily fluid intake.
  • Drizzling flax seed oil as a dressing on the salad, flax seed oil can store in a chill, and dark place and while cooking use flame in medium.
  • Flax seeds powder uses as a Yogurt flavor.
  • Add flax  seeds as an ingredient into baking batters.
  • Sprinkle ground flax seeds over breakfast cereal as topping.
  • Add flax seeds in water as an egg substitute.
  • Add flax seeds into smoothies to thicken up.
  • Add as a mix seeds supplement for joint pain and digestion problems.
  • Add in flax seeds laddu.

Other use:

  • Linen, a textile, is made with flax seeds.
  • Flax seeds use as a face pack.
  • Flax seeds powder is a great Body Scrub for dry skin.

How to store:

Roast with salt and store in an airtight container. We must not store more than 6 six months unless it gives a bad smell.

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Other Names: 

Flax Seeds, Alsi, Jawas, Linum usitatissimum, Vidai, alashi, linseed, Tishi, Pesi  , Yàmá zhǒngzǐ, biji rami, Āḷi vitaikaḷ, Śaṇa bīja,  leneno seme, Aḷasīnā bīja, llavors de lli, síolta lín, lijnzaad, graines de lin.

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