Mix Seeds For Joint Pain

Hello Friends, it’s winter and also raining, so, which understood old age people suffer from joint pain. The solution is surrounding us. let’s find in the kitchen ingredients:

Mix Seeds For Joint Pain

Mix Seeds For Joint Pain


Take all the seeds as per the ratio roast well and grind, Make a fine powder. Consume it in an empty stomach with warm water. Yes! You are right, the taste of mix is not as good as other recipes, but never-mind, we are going to have as medicine for joint pain. Ones you feel it’s useful on your joint pain, you will start liking the taste also. If you want to add some taste, you can add black salt and some sugar to enhance the flavor.

This spice mix will increase your metabolism and control your Vata, Cough, and also Pitta. These will help you to leave balance and healthy life. So, give it a try and let me know, How was it for joint pain?

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