Nigella Seeds: Kalonji in Hindi

Kalonji is a spice that is known to provide excellent flavor to the recipe. Kalonji is excellent for health benefits and holds many medicinal properties. Nigella seeds grow to 20–30 cm tall, with finely divided, linear leaves. The flowers are delicate and usually colored pale blue and white, with five to ten petals with layers. The most common English name for it is Black Seed and Nigella Seeds. The extracted oil from Black Seed has a rich combination of many compounds, including essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Nigella Seed Plant/ Kalonji Plant

Nigella Seed Plant/ Kalonji Plant

Nigella is high in dietary fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium. Fiber is beneficial to improve metabolism. Fiber can cure digestion and constipation. Nigella fiber is useful to control sugar level and high blood pressure problems. Nigella boosts heart health by controlling bad cholesterol. Nigella is helpful in a weight loss plan. Calcium is good for bone and teeth. Nigella is healthy and improves the iron level in your body. Magnesium is necessary for proper digestion and relieves pain. Magnesium plays a much significant role in a constituent of bones, magnesium support, the transmission of nerve impulses and is essential for muscle contraction.

Calcium, iron, and magnesium deficiency also can be the reason for the fatty body, but nigella can help to cure this problem.

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How to consume:

Diabetic patients can consume it by adding Kalonji oil in black tea. Consumed it empty stomach to get powerful results. Drink it in the morning and before going to bed with hot drinks for better results. Consuming Nigella oil with black tea will help to clear your constipation problem. Adding Nigella oil in your tea or coffee can help to get relief from cough and cold, it helps to calm down your nervous system.

Take half teaspoon of Nigella Seed oil mixed with any hot drink daily in the mornings, this will melt the fats and unlock the veins and arteries, and that will help in your cardiac problem.

Nigella Seeds works great in Hypertension. Needs to consume Black seeds oil with warm water at any time of the day. Apply Nigella oil all over the body and take a sunbath every three days. Do this treatment for a month and see the results.

Consume Nigella seeds in the early morning with warm water, supports in weight loss. It also helps to stimulate urine discharge, helps in relieving abdominal pain, flush out worms, stimulate menstruation. Kalonji seeds help to raise your intellectual level. It additionally boosts your memorizing capability, and you can try to fix it at any age.

Nigella oil is a natural pain killer for headaches and joint pain.

Beauty Tips:

Kalonji helps to get supple, glowing, and clear skin. Add into your homemade face pack and mix with lemon juice.

Kalonji oil can heal your crack heel. Soak your feet in warm water with Nigella oil drops and lemon juice, then scrub and wash. Now pat it with a cotton cloth, do this weekly once for better results.

How To Store:

Store in a dry and airtight container, in-room temperature.

Other Names:

Fennel flower, Black caraway, Nutmeg flower, Roman coriander, Black Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Nigella Sativa, Kalonji, Kālōjirāra bīja, Semena ot nigela, Hēi zhǒngzǐ, Graines de nigelle, Nigella zaden, Mga buto ng Nigella, Síolta Nigella, nigelas tesli, Nigella bījagaḷu, Nigera no tane, nigel la ssias, semina earum esum illis, Biji Nigella, nigella vittukaḷ, Nāyajēlā biyāṇē, kalēāñci, Chernushka, Nigēlā, czarnuch.

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