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Awala Recipes – Part 2

Gooseberry Recipes – Part 2

Hey, As per my words, I am back with some more recipes of Awala. Today, I am going to share Morawala/ Awale Ka Murabba (Hindi name) and Chyawanprash quickly as people assume Chyawanprash recipe is challenging. I must say the taste, worth your efforts, only you need to collect all ingredients at a time in one place and start. If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can use whatever means available in your home. So let’s start with very simple and less time recipe Awale Ka Murabba.

Awala Murabba

Awala Murabba


Awala– 1 Cup / 8 to 10 Awala,

Sugar – 1 Cup,

Water – ½ Cup,

CardamomPowder – 1 tsp


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let’s start making holes all over the Awala with a needle. Keep it for steam remember, it’s steaming not boiling. If you boil will lose the taste. After steaming, take a pan to add Sugar and Water into it. Ones it melted and became one thread syrup, add all the steamed Awala and boil it again for 10 to 12 mins. Ones your Awala color changes and becomes a little lighter than before, adding Cardamom powder into it, turn off your flame and make it cool ones it cool-down it is ready to serve and eat.

Our today’s second recipe is Chyawanprash. Now, What is Chyawanprash? Chyawanprash is a cooked mixture of Sugar, Honey, Ghee, Indian Gooseberry (Awala) Jam, Sesame oil, Berries, and various Herbs and Spices. As per the Ayurveda guidance, It is prepared. So, collect the ingredients, these all ingredients you can buy from herb shops or online.This ingredient section will be divided into 5, as we are going to use in 5 step.




Step – 1, Main Ingredient: Awala: 5 Kg

Step – 2, Processing Ingredients:

Akarakra, Asparagus, Brahmi, Bilva, Bidarikand, White Chandan, Vasaka, Chhoti Harra (Haritaki), Kamal Keshar, Jatamanasi, Gokharu, Bell, Pushkarmool, Kakadsinghi, Dashmool, Kachur, Nagarmotha, Long, Jeevanati, Punarnwa, Fig, Asagandha (Ashwagandha), Giloy, Tulsi leaves, Sweet Neem, Santh, Munkka, Mulethi, (50 g) each.

Step – 3, Pun Ingredients:

Ghee 250 g, Sesame oil – 250 g

Step – 4, Conductor Ingredients:

Sugar – 3 Kg

Step – 5, Dark Ingredients:

Pippali – 100 g, Banshalochan – 150 g, Cinnamon– 50 g, Tejapatra– 20 g, Nagkashar – 20 g, Small cardamom – 20 g, Saffron– 2 g, Honey – 250 g.


Step – 1, Wash the Amla. Tie gooseberry in a cloth bundle. Keep 12 liters of water in a large steel vessel. Add Step – 2 herbs and keep tied Amla bundle into it. Boil it on a high flame, after one boiling reduces the flame, let the Awala and herbs boil together for 1 to 1 ½ hour. Now let it cool and keep the gooseberries and herbs covered in the same water overnight or 10-12 hours.

Now in the morning take out the gooseberries. Remove the seeds from all the gooseberries and separate them. Keep filtered water of the herbs with you, and it will be useful while making of Chyawanprash.

Now grind all the gooseberries with herb water and filter with a very delicate filter. Now use an iron cauldron for roasting Awala pulp. Add Step – 3 material(Sesame oil and Ghee) into it. Cooking in the iron cauldron is good for health because it helps to increase blood. Boil gooseberry mix. Adds Step – 4 (Sugar) Cook this Gooseberry mix until it becomes thick. While cooking stirs it continuously. Remember you must not cook this in a steel vessel. When the Gooseberry mix becomes thick, take out from the flame keep this in the same iron vessel for 4 to 5 hours. After that,  Step – 5 materials Pippali, Banshalochan, Cinnamon, Tejapatra, Nagkashar, and Small cardamom grind well, now mix this powder with honey and saffron in Awala mixture. Your Chyawanprash (Homemade Chyawanprash) is ready.


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Try this at home. The taste of the Chyawanprash worth of your efforts not only tastes is best, but the health results are also the best. you can fill this chywanaprash in an airtight glass container and use it throughout the year.

Note: Remember if you are taking any medication, you must discuss it with your doctor before consuming it.


Other Names:

Morawala / murabba /moraawala /

Chyawanprash (also spelled chyavanaprasha, chyavanaprash, chyavanaprasam, chamanprash and chyawanaprash)

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