Rice and Spice

Vegetable Pulao

Hi all, As we all are preparing for Diwali. We don’t have much time to cook and clean a lot of vessels. In that condition, we look for less time consuming and easy recipes. In the same category, today’s recipe will help you find Vegetable Pulao. Let’s start with the ingredients.

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First, wash your rice and keep aside. Now take a pressure pan and prepare your condiment. In condiment, add ingredients step by step Ghee, bay leaf, Cumin, black pepper, clove, green cardamom ( crack and add), cinnamon, cashew. Now roast it well till you find a great aroma. Add all vegetable step by step onion, carrot, corn, peas, cashew roast it for two to three minutes later add rice. Now mix it well and add water (As per your rice quality) and salt (as per taste). Now the final step closes the lid and gives one full whistle and after that simmer flame for two minutes and remove from flame. After cooling down, open the presser pan and serve with some salad or paneer bhurji and chutney. Enjoy your Dipawali with fewer efforts.

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