Basil Seeds: Sabja/ Sabza in Hindi

Basil seeds

Basil Seeds

The Basil Seeds are eatable and found from the sweet basil plant, Ocimum basilicum.
Basil Seeds are scented – Seed is a member of the mint family. Basil’s seeds are loaded with volatile oils, responsible for the heady aroma and strong flavor, so essential to cooking. The composition of oils varies greatly in different basil types, thus accounting for the wide range of scents available. Large Leaf Italian basil is regarded as the essential variety for true Neapolitan cuisine, especially pesto.

From ancient times people use basil/ Basil seed for medicinal use in Ayurveda and chinese medicine. In lot off disease, Basil seeds are used. Basil seeds are a good source of minerals. Basil seeds are loaded with calcium and magnesium, these two must be good for bone health and muscle function, basil seed also has iron, which is good for red blood cell production. Basil seeds are a good source for those people who don’t eat daily dairy products, must consume daily.

Basil seeds content-rich fiber, which we must consume daily. Basil seeds may nourish and increase beneficial gut bacteria. Basil seeds pectin’s increased sense of fullness, and it is very rich in omega-3 fat, which is helpful for those who are looking to lose some weight. Regular eating basil seeds may effective weight loss diet. Basil seeds can be a better alternative of chia seeds that may be prescribed by the dietitian, but not available nearby can ask for the basil seeds with your dietitian.

Basil seeds are very useful for sugar control, which people are suffering from type –II diabetes they can consume ¾ tbs of basil seeds in water, after each meal for 30 days, people may be able to find better results in sugar problems. Basil seeds pectin may help to lower blood cholesterol levels and work better in high blood pressure problems because basil seeds pectin’s very good swallowable fiber. Basil seeds are rich compounds, including flavonoids, which may provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-cancer benefits.

Basil seeds have two natures one if you consume basil seeds with water or any liquid items than it worked as a cooling agent, and another one is just opposed nature, if you consume it dry form then it is work as a hitting agent. Another one is if you are suffering from sinusitis, cold or if ladies are facing some white discharge problems then consume basil seeds as dry form. This way basil seeds can be used to rid the body of excess mucus.

How to consume:

Basil / Basil seeds used to flavor soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, jams, fish, egg dishes, herb butter, and herb vinegar. Basil seeds are pectin-rich gum which can help thicken and stabilize food mixtures like salad dressings and ice cream. This used by the food industry and as well as in homemade recipes also.

Basil Honey Water

Basil Honey Water

You can consume basil seed in the form of beverages, desserts, and snacks. If you are facing any acidity, burning sensation than people need to take mixed with cold or little warm milk. If people have a constipation problem then you need to consume basil seeds mix with 1 tsp honey water before bad.

To get rid of any mucus problems Basil seeds mix with any laddoo, bread, chapati, paratha or any dry chutney may helpful.

In summer days if you are filling too much thirsty and after having a lot of water also if you not filling satisfy than you must try ones at the list, take a cup of child water and mix with 1 tsp of basil seeds than have the mix soon you fill satisfy and field.

Consume ¾ tbs of basil seeds in water for Type – ii diabetes problem in 30 days.

There are many ways to use basil seeds like smoothies, milkshakes, lemonade, and other drinks, soups, salad dressings, yogurt, pudding, hot cereal like oatmeal, bread and muffins, whole-grain pasta dishes, whole-grain pancakes etc…so, “eat healthy be healthy” and enjoy eating

How to Store:

Basil and Basil seeds are easily dried for storing and future use. Just keep in a dry container. So, you can use it year a long.

Other Names:

Basil Seeds, Tulsi beeja, Thai basil seeds, falooda seeds, sabja, subza, selasih or tukmari, aashta seeds, semillas de albahaca, miraha basil, semena bazalky, dipeo tsa basil, semena bosiljka, aekn hony hom, semina ocimum, bazilika sēklas, seminja od bosilek, Basilikum, benih basil, tuḷasi vittukaḷ, purapura purapura, Tulasa biyane, lavryn ur, Turunta biu, basilikumfrø, nasiona bazylii, sementes de manjericão, Bēsila bīja, semena bazilika, tovên basil, bajil ssias, Tuḷasi bījagaḷu, Tuḷaci vitaikaḷ, Tulasi vittanālu, Meld horapha, síolta basil, semi di basilico, bazsalikom mag, Tulasino choḍa bija, nā kīpala basil, graines de basilic, rrehan sermery, nasiennie bazilika, semena bosiljka, basilikum frø, basil buto



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