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Clove: Laung / Lavang in Hindi

Clove is an aromatic flower bud of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. Their native is the Maluku Islands (or the Moluccas) in Indonesia. It is also called spice. Clove is a spicy herb. People use the oils, dried flower buds, leaves, and stems to make medicine. Cloves can harvest in different seasons in different countries. So, it is usually available easily a whole year. Clove is high in antioxidants, including eugenol and vitamin C, both can help to reduce oxidative stress. Clove mainly used in spice cookies and cakes.

Clove/ Lavang

Clove/ Lavang / Laung 

Clove use for an upset stomach. Clove and Clove oil is working on diarrhea, hernia, and bad breath. Clove and clove oil do use for intestinal gas, nausea, and vomiting. Clove is applied directly to the gums (use topically) for toothache, for pain control during dental work, and a complication of tooth extraction. We can use Clove as a flavoring or fragrance in different products such as toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics, and homemade products.

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How to Consume:

Cloves with fennel seeds, star anise, cinnamon, and pepper it is considered as one of the Five Chinese Spic, It has a strong taste and spicy flavor. It is an essential part of Chinese cuisines and also used in a variety of Indian food and a mix of spices like Tea Masala, Garam Masala, Black Masala, and so on.

Coughing: Clove is helpful in coughing. If coughing is too much, then chive tulsi leaves with roasted 4 cloves.

Wisdom Tooth Pain: For more targeted action, dab some clove or peppermint oil to the area. Or apply chilled vegetables like potatoes, cucumber, and cabbage for quick relief. Some people use clove oil for tooth pain.

Vomiting Sensation: Keep a clove for a long time in the mouth, and you will find after some time that your vomiting sensation has stopped.

Resolve Impotence: From ancients times, people use clove as a purpose to resolve the impotence problem.

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Other Tips:

While storing whole grain in the house, use a dry and airtight container. While saving the grain in the box, mix some cloves with the grain.One’s mixed it in the grain; your grain will be safe from the worms for a long time.

If you want to save your sugar or sugary items from pismires, then do mix some of the cloves into sugar and close tight the lid. In this way, you can protect sugar from pismires. If you want to save some sugary items, then you need to keep some of the cloves on the top of the item.

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Other Names:

Bourgeon Floral de Clou de girofle, Bouton Floral de Clou de girofle, Caryophylli Flos, Clavo de Olor, Clous de Girolfe, Ding Xiang, Feuille de Clou de girofle, Fleur de Clou de girofle, Flores Caryophylli, Gewurznelken Nagelein, Girofle, Giroflier, Huile de Clou de girofle, Kreteks, Lavang, Lavanga, or Tige de Clou de Girofle, Lavaṅgaṁ, Kirāmpu, Laviṅga, Cengkih, grāmpū, Kurōbu, Labaṅga, Kalī, Laurō, Goździk, Cengkih

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