Horse Gram: Kulthi Dal in Hindi

Horse Gram mainly famous in South India, they eat Horse Gram in many ways like Rasam, Sprouts and as Dal. These are cheapest lentil in India, horse Gram is also very nutritious. This Dal is rich in vitamin, protein, iron, and calcium and easy to digest because horse gram is also very rich in fiber. Horse gram is very beneficial for health but still it very less used in north India. But now no worry ones you know about horse gram benefits without late you also will start using it. Horse gram works nicely over some of the disease. So, let’s check which those disease are? How horse gram can be beneficial for it?

Horse Gram / Kulthi Dal

Horse Gram / Kulthi Dal

7 Benefits of Horse Gram:

Cold and flu: Horse gram can cure asthma cold and flu and also can cure joints pain. In the transits season, we must consume horse gram to get all seasonal benefits. If you are suffering from cold and flu than Just boil horse gram in water, filter it and then consume that warm horse gram water. You may feel relief with it.

Stomach Problems: Horse gram contains lots of fiber. Horse gram fiber helps to digest food and ejects the waste material, clear constipation, and control acidity. Horse gram gives relief from stomach worms.

Weight Loss: Horse gram is rich in protein and fiber which will help to reduce the % of fat in your food and so, body. Fiber cleans your body from waste material and this process may help to lose your weight.

Kidney: If you consume horse gram regularly than you can reduce kidney stones size and then can remain piece can easily come out with the urine. This way you can easily get rid of kidney stones problem.

Diabetes: Horse Gram is very much beneficial in diabetes. Horse gram also helps to reduce your glucose level.

Menstrual disturbances: Some ladies use to face Menstrual disturbances either it may be too much or Irregular menstruation timing. For the same problem, you can consume regularly to get rid of this problem. Some people face anemia problem they can consume regular horse grams to cure their anemia.

Sperms Counts: Horse gram increase sperms counts because it has phosphorus, iron, calcium, amino acid, etc. which helps to be healthy.

How to consume:

You can use horse gram in different ways like rasam, Dal, Soups, Sprouts, and pancakes, or as fried snakes. For that, you need to soak horse gram in water overnight and then morning just need to boil in freshwater with some salt and cooking oil. After boiling horse gram just filter dal and separate water. This water you can use in rasam and remain grams you can use as Dal fry, any side dish, as snakes or soups, etc.. in Maharashrta most of the people use this dal for kulith usal, pithla, and laddu.

Note: Pregnant women and Tuberculosis (TB)patients must not consume.

Other Names:

Gahat , Kulith, Kultha, Kulthi, Muthira, Ulava, Muthira, Kollu, ,Hulage, Hurali, Kudu, Kolatha, Kulath



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