Walnut and Beetroot Soup

Hey friends, today I am back again with one detox recipe which is very simple and tasty. This recipe is highly demanded in my family hope you all also will like it. Let’s start collecting all the ingredients.

Walnut and Beetroot Soup

Walnut and Beetroot Soup


  • Beetroot – 1 cup chopped,
  • Horse gram – 2 tsp (soft-cooked and pasted), 
  • Spinach – ½ cup, 
  • Walnut – 2 pieces (socked), 
  • Avocado (optional) – ¼ Cup, 
  • Cumin / Mustard Seeds – 1 Pinch, 
  • Coriander leaf – 1 or 2 strings, 
  • Water – as per requirement, 
  • Salt – as per taste


Chop the beetroot and steam it until it turns soft. Place the steamed beetroot into the grinder, along with the spinach, House gram paste, walnuts and avocado (optional). Grind all ingredients together and make a smooth paste. Ones all done the paste takes a pan to add a pinch of cumin or mustard into it and let pop it in the dry pan now add required quantity of water into the pan and add all your paste, coriander leaf, and salt as per taste. Boil your soup for 5 min. So, your soup is ready to serve it hot with some garnish or as it is. Serve walnut and beetroot soup with some cucumber and sweet –lime (Mosambi) salad. This salad and soup combination complements each-other but remembers the quantity of three should be the same. 

So, enjoy your Diwali with lots of fun and enjoyment but remember to start your day with a nutritious bowl and at night to detox your body.


  • No need to add oil while adding cumin or mustard seeds because you have already added walnut into it that will automatically give an oily and smooth texture to your soup.
  • Still if want to add oil to crack cumin or mustard seeds than add 1/4 tsp of any vegetable oil as per your choice.


  • Walnut: Walnut content healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Walnuts have higher antioxidant activity than any other common nuts. walnut is rich in Omega 3. A hand full of walnut daily consumption can fulfill your daily Omega 3 requirement it is good for dry skin or any other skin problems, joint pain, and helpful in any other brain health problems. Walnut also boosts immune systems.
  • Beetroot: Beetroot also a very good anti-oxidant. Beetroot is helpful in some of the health problems such as; helpful in lower blood pressure, increase stamina while exercise, increase muscle power, slow dementia, helping to maintain a healthy weight.

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